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Although we try to primarily offer Catholic activities and crafts here at Equipping Catholic Families, we also like to share other creative projects that have become part of our family culture. Just like our  Minute To Win It Birthday Party Post (also with FREE printable), we tend to have very cool birthday parties at home.  Although the birthday party programs seem to relax a bit as the kids get older, we have some great memories … and we will likely repeat a couple of the favorite themed parties for Bridget and Adam.

Here is our original Superhero Birthday Party post.

superhero with baby 300

Bridget wasn’t so happy in this picture from Joseph’s Superhero Birthday Party back in 2007 …but I think she’ll come around for her own Superhero party…maybe when she turns 8!

At Joseph’s Superhero Birthday Party, we had masks and capes, an assessment area complete with retinal and handprint scan and full identification services and sibling assistants dressed in lab coats.  We had lots of Superhero skill assessment activities…perfect for active 6 year old boys!

I tend to get enthused about hosting a party…when we’ve got a good theme and I can do some creative work beforehand.

licensed FREEBIES

The best thing about putting a lot of work into the Invitations, Superhero Registration and Survey and Identification badges…is to offer the Birthday Party Printable FREE to subscribers of Equipping Catholic Families and our friends on facebook.

**See link to 2016 SuperHero Party and Printable at end of post**

The party was…pre-blog, so I just don’t have a lot of pictures of our props, but they were quite impressive to this crowd of 6 year olds, as well as older siblings and friends.

superhero scan

The retinal and handprint scan was an elaborate cardboard box with a few plastic lid buttons, a few carefully cut openings including the retinal scan slit and the handprint, completed with a flashlight strategically placed within the box.  We had a tape measure and a weight scale for other important registration details.

We had also made monogrammed capes and foam masks for each of the little superheroes attending the party.

superhero invite

The invitation was an elaborate super-spy package with a call to action, all the party detail and a survey to help each superhero consider what their superhero name and superpowers might be.


The party was in February, up here in Canada, so there was plenty of opportunity for superhero skill-testing on our homemade luge run and snow-filled backyard/obstacle course/ice rink and Superhero training facility.

One of the biggest highlights of the party was when Uncle Steve arrived with his friend Ryan.  They ran through the backyard with a little icing smeared on their faces and the 6 year old superheroes were challenged to catch the cake thieves.

Note to Party Planner: you will need a really good sport for this.  6 year old boys take cake-thievery quite seriously and they also happen to have a lot of energy to burn!

**2016 SuperHero Party

birthday_party_printableAs a gift to fans of Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families, we are offering a comprehensive Birthday Party Printable, complete with a Superhero Party  Invitation template, a Superhero Survey / Registration template, a Superhero Identification Badge template, along with ideas for party props and games.

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