SuperHero Party 2016

capes and masksThere were capes and masks…

assessment centre

…and an Assessment Centre made from a Fridge Box. Our local Appliance Store graciously supplies appliance boxes for birthday parties!

The Assessment Centre has an impressive Retinal Scan, Handprint and Fingerprint Scans, Voice Recognition (microphone), Photo Booth and Height Measurement

superhero villain jail

and a Jail for those scowly googly balls from our Dollarstore.

candy thief pinata

I made a Candy-Thief Piñata (4 balloons tied together and covered with paper mâché) …scary, but not too scary…

pinata clobbering 2016

and just fine to beat with pool noodles  …and ultimately a broomstick.

superhero party

Dad gave an inspiring motivational intro talk…

more handlers than heroes

and fine Academy Co-ordinators and SuperHero Handlers (aka older siblings and friends) moderated a series of skill-testing activities including an Obstacle Course…

100lbs barbell

Feats of Strength…

aim practice

and Target Practice.

pre superhero

Well, 6 year olds can be shy…so a couple of the invited guests couldn’t come to Adam’s party.

Superhero Party 2016

We actually had more SuperHero Handlers than the SuperHeroes, but we still had a lot of fun!


assessment forms

superhero id cards

Check out our SuperHero Printable complete with customizable Invitation Templates, Registration and Assessment Forms and these supercool SuperHero ID Badges from our SuperHero Party 2007.

Look how much the kids have changed!

SuperHero Party 2007

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