Handing Over My Tangled Mess

Do you ever worry? Do you ever pray Jesus, I trust in You, all the while coordinating your best backup plan just in case?

I do.

Sometimes my to do lists churn into sticky-note reminders for my kids’ to do lists and I’m troubleshooting things that haven’t even happened …for jobs that aren’t even my problem. Sometimes, I wake up the next day to find that all that busy work I did while I couldn’t sleep at three in the morning…was completely unnecessary.

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2013 Frankie Award: I’ve been nominated!

I’ve been nominated for a 2013 Frankie Award for a post on my other blog:

Check out For Praying Out Loud and then vote for me read all the entries over at Catholic Spirituality Blogs!

…and if you’d like you could vote for ME! Thanks!

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