BE the Prompt to Pray

As a mom of three young adults, my Mom-responsibilities are evolving as they face big decisions.


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While it is a blessing when they want to talk about their concerns and choices, it is becoming increasingly clear that I can’t easily jump in and fix everything. I don’t have ready-to-go advice. I’m the kind of person who is more likely to think of the best answer, hours after mulling it over.

I know I need the Holy Spirit to help me with the right words, especially in the moment, and sometimes I’m too flustered to ask for His Help until well after the conversation.

But the best advice I’ll ever have is to
“take it to prayer”.

I know I need these everyday prompts to pray as much as anyone, but I just realized one of my most important roles in the Faith formation of my kids:


Sometimes I need to BE the Prompt to PRAY;
the reminder to get them to Pray.


Heck, I still need reminders….and I suspect, so do they!

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