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Spring has SPRUNG and we’re already starting to look toward SUMMER!


I don’t know about you, but in the hectic pace of just everyday, Ordinary Time, with kids’ school and extra-curricular, health issues, family celebrations and events, I often feel guilty that my own prayer life is not so focused and our family prayer can meander away…

I’m thrilled to announce…that I think we have JUST THE THING to get us back on track!

Our first substantial Ordinary Time Catholic Mom Bundle   is available for just these next FIVE days!

It includes 36 printables, e-books and sacred art to jumpstart your own prayer life and refocus Faith and Prayer in your home! We’ve got something for everyone, from kid-magnet Rosary printables, to exquisite Holy decor, reflection-based, prayerful planners and all kinds of print-and-pray resources to build Catholic Family Culture and liturgical living!

My contribution this time to the Catholic Mom Bundle is a family favorite!

The Tower Tumble Cathletics Craft Kit includes 56 Categories and Answers formatted as little tags to adhere to your Jenga blocks!  They are easily scotch-taped in place and include references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and/or Scriptural References!
Also included: JUMBO templates for Jumbo Jenga Blocks!

Below, I have included the complete list of 34 resources organized according to their focus:

Family Faith including Catechism and Faith formation, prayer and Catholic Culture building
Ordinary Time activities and Decor for the Home
Mom Resources for Organization, Health and Spiritual Renewal
Kids’ Activity Packs

As always, I really appreciate your purchase of the Bundle through MY Affiliate Link

AND in thanks for your support, you’ll receive a $10 Craft Kit Printable for FREE!
(a special $10 voucher sent to you on May 30th, after the Catholic Mom Bundle has been closed and processed.)

Please pass on this email…and if a friend of yours also purchases the Catholic Mom Bundle through my link through your recommendation, you’ll receive an extra $5 voucher for your choice of Cathletics Craft Kit Printable on our site. (just send me the email address of your friend and I will add your voucher if they purchase through my link).

Here’s the Catholic Mom Bundle-paLOOZA for Ordinary Time:

Family Faith

  • Engage and educate with “Catechism Tower Tumble” by Arma Dei
  • Build Catholic family culture with “Feast + Fast + Feria Liturgy of Life” by Barefoot Abbey
  • Help kids pray with “Printable Rosary Cards for Catholic Kids” by The Kennedy Adventures
  • Grow Marian devotion with “Reading & Praying with Our Lady & the Saints” by No Heart Untouched
  • Write and reflect with “Scripture Virtue Writing Plan for Catholics” by A Catholic Wife

Ordinary Time

  • Decorate your home with “Gold Three Hearts Printable Wall Art” by Petite Fleur Studios
  • Experience the season with “Growing in Ordinary Time Activities” by This Garden of Grace
  • Encounter the Saints with “Holy Men and Women Printables Pack” by The Living Heart Co
  • Pray, sing, and cook with “June and July Liturgical Living Booklets” by His Girl Sunday
  • Celebrate feast days with “June Liturgical Activity Bundle” by Call Her Happy
  • Nurture your family’s faith with “Ordinary Time Kits for Moms and Kids” by Seeds for Sainthood


  • Adorn your home with “Catholic Art Prints” by Kolbe’s Little Flowers
  • Send faith-filled mail with “Catholic Greeting Cards” by Catholic Paper Goods
  • Inspire students and kids with “Catholic Posters” by Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom
  • Manage your finances with “Financial Wellness Challenge” by Erica Mathews
  • Decorate with prayer with “Litany Wall Art Printable Pack” by With A Joyful Heart
  • Decorate teens’ rooms with “Printable Wall Decor” by Little Way Design Co


  • Organize your life with “Busy Mom’s Life Binder” by Mom For All Seasons
  • Remember powerful truth with “Motherhood Affirmations” by Minds and Hearts
  • Record precious memories with “My Catholic Baby Book” by Catholic Sarah Creates
  • Consider a writing career with “Seeking Publication: A Guide to Discerning If, When, and How to (Traditionally) Publish Your Work” by Lindsay Schlegel
  • Start your health journey with “Strength-training for Busy Moms” by A Thriving Catholic
  • Let go and let God with “Surrender Bundle” by Just Love Prints


  • Grow young writers with “Commonly Used Words: A Spelling Dictionary for Beginning Writers” by Elevator to Heaven
  • Entertain and engage with “Kid’s Print Pack” by Saintly Heart
  • Create and craft with “Marian Coloring Sheet + Activity Bundle” by Worthy of Agape
  • Teach little ones to pray with “Rosary Guide” by My Little Patron
  • Study the Saints with “Saint Block Crafts” by Catholic Icing Monthly Membership


  • Embrace God’s presence with “Adoration Companion For Teens” by Holly Loo Yah Designs
  • Prepare teens to defend their faith with “Introduction to Catholic Apologetics” for Kids by Elizabeth Clare
  • Craft and learn together with “Knitting Basics With Kylee & Heidi” by Euphrosyne Corner
  • Dive into Christ’s words with “Parables of Jesus” by Faith That Works
  • Equip teens for life’s hurdles with “The Thrive Bundle for Catholic Tweens and Teens” by Not So Formulaic
  • Empower your girls with “Wonderfully Made Moms & Teens” by Wonderfully Made Fertility Care

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