The Cloak of St Joseph Visual Devotional is here!

I’ve been a fan of St. Joseph’s for quite some time…our son named after him just turned 21! My love and respect for St. Joseph only got stronger with the Consecration to St. Joseph a lot of us did last year and the Dedication of the Year to St. Joseph by Pope Francis.

Mid-summer last year I picked up the 30-day Cloak of St. Joseph and I have been praying it every day since for my Mom. She has been fighting cancer and I’m pretty sure St. Joseph has tagged along with us and smoothed the way through chemo and surgery, more chemo and now recovery. Needless to say, I don’t intend to stop praying this devotion, asking for St. Joseph’s intercession.

Actually, my mom has always told us that when her own parents met, they were both devoted to St. Joseph and independently prayed the 30-day Devotion to St. Joseph. I choose to believe that it’s the very same one!

While the prayers are beautiful (and a little lengthy), I wasn’t satisfied with the images of St. Joseph in the little booklet I prayed with.
I have been finding lately, that I really like having images around during prayer time. It helps me stay focused and relate to Jesus, Our Lady and the Saints more personally, fostering both my love and respect for them, appreciating their virtue and goodness and prompting me to try and grow in holiness.

Sometimes I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for in holy images.
I need them to be kind of approachable, smiley-even. I’ve started creating my own images and this is the one I created for my prayerful and gentle St. Joseph.

It kind of looks like he’s asleep, but then again, he got some monumental Messages in his dreams! He’s gentle and thoughtful and I think he must have pondered SO MUCH in his heart in the 30 years with Jesus and Mary.

…And The Cloak of St Joseph Visual Devotional has all the prayers neatly formatted, with an extended inside cover of St. Joseph to glance at throughout all the prayers!

The Cloak of St Joseph Visual Devotional is a 24-page booklet presenting this classic devotion asking for St. Joseph’s intercession and protection under his Holy Cloak. The booklet includes nicely formatted offerings, prayers and supplications, with an extended illustrated cover of prayerful St. Joseph to help focus our prayer and our pursuit of his virtues of humility, patience, gentleness and faithfulness.

The Cloak of St Joseph Visual Devotional
24-page quality-printed, stapled booklet

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