NEW crafts with the Saint Stickies Craft Kit

The Calendar Saint Stickies Craft Kit has been around for a while and I’ve used it to embellish secular wall calendars and planners…and even add illustrations to some Catholic ones! There are 461 little illustrations of Saints….and Mysteries of the Rosary (that are Feast Days), plus little lists and logs for prayers and Sacraments!

This year, when I was printing out my set of Saint Stickies (on letter size label paper) to use as stickers on my Mom Fridge Calendar (Amazon Affiliate Link), I printed out a couple extra pages for some crafts.

I chose one template that has images of over 60 Saints(!) and laminated it. I cut out the top half of all the images and glued them (face up) on the underside of these little glass pebbles. I figure I can use these as game markers, Bingo chips, matching games with the Super Saints
or the three Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Bundle of three Saints Scripts Craft Kits still on sale here).

They catch the reflection of the sun really well, which is to say…they are much more clear and vibrant in person! The glass magnifies the images a little bit, so they are really cool little Saint Stones! (I laminated the template before cutting and gluing so that the glue would not make the crisp illustrations smudge.)

I can add a 3/4″ magnet to the back for calendar markers and fridge magnets!

Check out the Saint Stickies Craft Kit in the Arma Dei Shoppe!

$15 PDF Download

461 stickers to convert regular fridge or wall calendars, homeschool or blogger planners, Spiritual Journals or diaries …with extra Catholic stickers for lunch notes and snail mail. There are SO many awesome reasons to celebrate with the Feast Days and Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar…and then there are monthly devotions, Sacraments and good Catholic practices we can always use cute reminders for.

The Saint Stickies Craft Kit with 461 Stickies includes instructions for printing (and making stickers)…and ideas for how to use these at home. The reminders are colorful and cute and offer irresistible reminders for monthly devotions, Sacraments, Saints Feast Days and more!

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