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We’ve got craft kits for that! 64 Saints are presented across our three Saint Scripts Craft Kits with full color postcards, short bios and quick facts, along with black and white templates for DIY research projects, Saint Albums, quizzing games and art projects!

Our Saint Scripts Craft Kits make learning about the Saints EASY and FUN!

Rolodex_St_Max-300x227Our Saints Scripts Rolodex is easy to make using the Saint Scripts Craft Kits! Just print, laminate (optional), hole-punch and secure with a ring for easy reference all  year long! Use the Saint Scripts Rolodex to choose Family Patron Saints and Sacrament Saints, for quizzing games in the car

…and take Superheroes to a HOLY new height!

Purchase the SET of Saint Scripts Craft Kits for instant SAINTS SCHOOLING!
Saint Scripts ONE, TWO and THREE (PDF Download with permission to copy for personal use):
$45 for a limited time: $40 for the set!


Saint Scripts One Saint Scripts Two Saint Scripts Three

Saint Scripts Series ONE contains the full color recipe cards plus blank templates with coloring picture for these Saints: St Andre, St Anthony, St Catherine, St Christopher, St Clare, St Dominic, St Faustina, St Francis, St John, St Jude, St Nicholas, St Pio, St Patrick, St Paul, St Peter, St Raphael, St Rita, Bl Teresa, St Therese, St Vincent AND Jesus

Saint Scripts Series TWO contains the full color recipe cards plus blank templates with coloring picture for these Saints: St Agnes, St Anne, St Augustine, St Benedict, St Bernadette, St Cecilia, St Gabriel, St George, St Gerard, St Gianna, St Joan, St John Paul II, St Joseph, St Juan, St Kateri, St Lucy, St Maria, St Maximilian, St Michael, St Monica AND Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint Scripts Series THREE contains the full color recipe cards plus blank templates with coloring picture for these Saints: St Agatha, St Brendan, St Brigid, St Gemma, St Joachim, St John the Apostle, St John the Baptist (new and improved), St John Bosco, St Josemaría Escrivá , St Josephine, St Lawrence, St Luke, St Mark, St Mary Magdalene, St Matthew, St Philip Neri, St Teresa of Avila, St Thomas the Apostle, St Thomas Aquinas, PLUS St Louis and St Zélie!

These craft kits are PACKED with information and fun Kelly SaintsTM illustrations!



Print out the black and white templates of the Saint Scripts Craft Kits and paint them yourself!

Laminate them for memory games, flashcards, bookmarks, framed art and greeting cards!

Make your own Patron Saint Votive Candles with real candle-making or recycled jars and tealights

More Saints Craft Kits

Add the SAINTS to your calendar, planner, snail mail and more!

Saints Stamps!

We’ve got over 140 Catholic Stamps in our shoppe including many Saints, Signature, Consecration and Prayer Journal Stamps! Include the SAINTS in your daily calendar, planner or snail mail!

Saint Stickies ($15 PDF)

461 stickers of monthly devotions, Sacraments, Saints Feast Days (and more!) to convert regular fridge or wall calendars, homeschool or blogger planners, Spiritual Journals or diaries!

Calendar Saint Stickies PDF Download at the Arma Dei Shoppe





Kelly Saints Blessing Cards

Would you like your own stash of custom Catholic Kelly Saints Blessing Cards…for EVERY occasion?

Check out our All Occasion Kelly Saints Blessing Cards Craft Kit!







Kelly Saints Stamps ($15 PDF)


Kelly Saints Stamps PDF Download

SIX DIFFERENT templates with varying size circles and stamps…with instructions and suggestions for how to use them to transform classic family games like Guess Who?!, Bingo, Connect4, Monopoly and Checkers…and as stickers on chore charts, family fridge calendars, agenda books, lunchbox notes, greeting cards and snail mail packages!




…and MORE Saints Craft Kits with the Communion of Saints Family Calendar, Holy Communion with the Saints, Reconciliation with the Saints, Love Like A Saint Love Quote Cards, Catholic Conversation Pieces…even we’re surprised about how many Saints Craft Kits we offer!

and don’t forget

Super Saints Quizzing Cards

…and in case you’re looking for ALL the FUN, without any crafting effort…check out our SUPER SAINTS cards!


These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and  quantifiable facts and a short biography for quizzing and friendly war card games.

54 Cards in a glossy printed box: $12 + shipping






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