FREE Catholic Homeschool Conference

Are you NEW to homeschooling too?

Check out this FREE Catholic Homeschool Conference opening tomorrow! SO many awesome speakers who have been homeschooling for years and REALLY know what they’re doing!

This conference brings you inspiration, curriculum guidance, help with fostering a healthy marriage, and tools to teach virtues to your children.

Opens at 9am June 25th and runs until midnight June 27th!


It’s FREE, but if you want UNLIMITED FOREVER ACCESS to the 50+ vibrant and engaging talks by the leading mentors, and ministries,

you can purchase the VIP PASS here:

(and there’s an EARLY BIRD deal if you act SOON!)

and my shoppe Arma Dei is a vendor at this online Catholic Homeschool Conference and we’re offering a special deal of

25% OFF Catholic Craft Kit PDFs for ALL ATTENDEES!


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