Lent: Saints & Virtue: HOLY WEEK

April 5-11

Quick Bio: St. Rita knew from an early age that she wanted to be a nun, but out of obedience to her parents, she accepted an arranged marriage at the age of 12.

St. Rita’s husband was unfaithful, abusive and domineering. During their 18 years of marriage, St. Rita prayed fervently for her husband and he experienced a conversion. Due to the rivalry between some aristocratic families, St. Rita’s husband was murdered, his mutilated body dumped on the family’s doorstep. Their enraged teenaged sons vowed a vendetta.

St. Rita pledged to forgive his killers and to convince her sons to do likewise. She begged God to prevent her sons from seeking revenge and they died of illness within the same year. St.Rita was distraught at the loss of her entire family, but took some comfort in the fact that her sons died in a state of grace.

She later entered the convent, after having been refused three times because of the family rivalry that had killed her husband. She experienced the wounds of the crown of thorns and her body has remained incorrupt for 500 years.

Virtue: St Rita modelled the virtue of Perseverance

Perseverance enables us to continue living virtuously, despite difficulties; to stick steadfastly to our objective over time, despite the difficulties or obstacles in our path.

Learning from St. Rita:

St. Rita had a difficult life, but the tragedies and disappointments she faced led her to more fervent prayer.

When we faithfully persevere in prayer, God will likely answer the prayer in our hearts, although it might not look exactly as we had hoped. He answers our prayer, according to His Holy Will, His Timeline and ultimately our greater good.

We are called to intentionally stay close to God despite enduring pain, embarrassment, loneliness, or illness; we are called to accept suffering out of imitation of Christ. Redemptive suffering can help us to magnify the Lord. When we endure a burden, we join in Christ’s redemptive Work.

“When the soul perseveres in prayer, God listens.
He never turns away from a trusting heart.”

“…if you persevere in your journey of personal holiness,
you will find peace even in the midst of great trials.”


Has God ever answered your prayer in a different way than you had expected or hoped?

Have you ever noticed the good that resulted from your prayers being answered differently than you had expected or hoped?

Prayer Prompt:

St Rita of Cascia Novena

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