Crafts at Home: Letter Tiles in a Shoestring Bag

Letter Tiles

Since our Scrabble game went missing, I decided to make use of a bag of tiles I had on hand to make letter tiles for word games.

I realize…not everyone has a stash of crafting supplies, I’m open to suggestions for what others may have on hand that could be used for this project!

I can’t actually remember where I found these tiles, but you would probably find them at a craft store or possibly a dollar store.

I was actually eyeing this set of 500 Scrabble letter tiles on Amazon* but decided I should stick with what I have on hand.

With the letter tiles, we can just make up random words or sentences, play Bananagrams* or our own version of Scrabble* or Boggle*.

*Amazon Affiliate links…I make dozens of cents as a commission on purchases through these links, and it doesn’t inflate the price you pay! Thanks for your support!


Drawstring Bag

To make a drawstring bag, here’s a tutorial.

I used fabric scraps to make the lined bag (I know! fancy!) and some elastic ribbon to close it.

Drawstring bags are pretty easy to make and can be used for so many things! I bet every kid could use one and might enjoy learning some basic sewing to make one themselves!

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