No Rosary? No Problem! 5 Finger Rosary Hack


Just a little practical tip for busy Catholics trying to squeeze in their daily Rosary.

Sometimes throughout our busy day, we may find ourselves with an opportunity to pray, but no Rosary in our pocket. Despair not! While a blessed Rosary is ideal to recite the Rosary with and very helpful to keep track of all those Hail Marys, we need look no further than our own hands for an easy way to keep track of prayers.

And…if we find we don’t quite want to drop everything and count with both hands…here’s a quick hack to count with the fingers on just one hand…with the bonus of learning legit sign language for number 1-10, at the same time!

No excuses…we can commit to saying the Daily Rosary and if we ask Our Lady to help us remember and squeeze in those decades each day?  She will certainly help us out!

5 Tips for the Reluctant Rosary Pray-er

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It’s not the first time we’ve suggested 5 fingers as a prayer tool! Our Five Finger Prayer was written for our book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families (2001) and we made a special Pope Francis Prayer Card with it to be blessed by the Pope at the General Audience on our Rome Pilgrimage


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