Keeping Advent, Advent

Advent is coming! Do you have resolutions for Keeping Advent, Advent this year?


Over the years, we have tried a number of Advent activities and devotions and I’ve compiled a Photo Gallery of them!

The beauty of many of these activities is that once you take the time once to lovingly create these Advent Calendars, Nativities, Anticipation Prayer Chains, Advent Wreaths…you can store most of the components for use next year! These will be the heirloom treasures the kids will want to take with them as they foster their own Faith-filled traditions in their growing families.

These are some of our best ideas for keeping Advent, Advent….what are yours?
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Joining some of my favorite Catholic Women Bloggers for this Keeping Advent, Advent Blog Hop.

For a collection of awesome Keeping Advent, Advent posts,

click CWBN Blog Hop over at Reconciled to You

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  1. So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I think your plan is the best! =) Enjoy that little wee one! Nice to meet you through the CWBN Blog Hop!

  3. Our número uno plan is to enjoy our new little baby and then not take on too many activities/projects that overwhelm us. Like you though, we have so many beautiful traditions that we can pull out and carry on with ease. What a blessing that will be and to also have so many bigger kids to help lead these for the younger crew. Yeah! That’s it! And I’ll sit back, snuggle and enjoy the babe, and thank God for the fruits of the many years of hard work, planning and follow through! Sounds like a perfect Advent plan to me!!!

  4. I individually wrap all our Advent and Christmas books so that our kids get to open a present every day!

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