Adjustable Liturgical Calendar Craft Kit 2016-2017


Adjustable Liturgical Calendar Craft Kit

PDF Download: $15



This Adjustable Liturgical Calendar is available as a comprehensive PDF craft kit to print and it comes with permission to copy for use at home or in the classroom!


The Adjustable Liturgical Calendar is perfect for use year after year, accommodating the changing number of Ordinary Time weeks before and after Lent and Easter for an instant year-in-view of Feast Days and Seasons.  Also included: 72 unique and awesome Kelly Saints Stickies to tailor the calendar with each family’s patron saints!


Incidentally, the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar makes a great playground for the wooden painted saints.



Purchase the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar with the 461 Calendar Saint Stickies for $25 here:




Adjustable Liturgical Calendar cover

Liturgical Calendar + Saint Stickies Craft Kit Bundle at the Arma Dei Shoppe

2 Craft Kit PDF Downloads: $30 $25



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