A Mom For All Seasons

There are plenty of Moms out there…new Moms and veteran Moms, adoptive Moms, foster Moms, grieving Moms, hopeful Moms, spiritual Moms, expecting Moms, GrandMoms and Moms in the trenches of diapers and sleepless nights.

I'm a Mom

With my kids approaching 20 years old (!) down to six, I’m recognizing substantial changes in this vocation…or at least what changing motherhood looks like in my house.

While my youngest still needs most of the basics plus a keen eye to keep him on track, my older kids have different areas of independence and their needs have evolved. My responsibilities have changed but it’s not exactly a piece of cake. The hurts of older kids can’t be fixed with a cuddle, accomplishments are no longer motivated by stickers and generally, a lot of things are just plain out of Mom’s control.

I kind of see my role more as hero support as they get older. I can try to make their way a little easier, do some of the background research or scheduling, provide money and rides… coach them to anticipate certain challenges and help them troubleshoot how they can tackle them

and pray my head off …like St Monica did!

We have victories and we have challenges…but so far, I think it’s going pretty well!

All I can really do is keep on learning along with them, learning how to let go, let them make their own way and hope and pray that they’ll carry their Faith along with them wherever they go. That’s how my Mom did it…and she’s still offering hero support, as we speak.

If I do this thing right, I’ll be just like my Mom!

Grandma and MomHappy Mother’s Day!

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