Month of May ~ Month of Mary

Month of May

Can you believe it? The Month of May starts this Sunday! May is devoted to Our Lady…so here’s a quick little showcase of Mary and Rosary crafts!

kid rosary

Our oversized wood bead Rosary is always a hit at the conferences we attend. This is a pretty simple craft made with wooden beads, a wooden cross and a wooden heart, acrylic paint and mod podge…and it’s one of the favorites in our book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families!

Mysteries Craft Kit

The Kelly SaintsTM Mysteries of the Saints Craft Kit  was released last year and it’s a comprehensive kit with fully illustrated templates for Revolving Rosaries, Lace-Up Booklets and Cake Toppers for each of the four sets of Mysteries of the Rosary. Lots of templates…in color and black and white….and lots of ways to use them! New ways to get kids excited about saying the Rosary!

Mother Mary TY doll

The TY Doll Makeover is another craft project from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families and was featured on Equipping Catholic Families a while back: TY Saints Dolls

Mary peg dolls


Wooden Painted Saints are another favorite craft and collection we have here at Equipping Catholic Families. Our two Mary pegs are housed in our latest Thrift Shop find! More pictures to come…wait until you see what we found, and what we’re going to do with it!

Here are lots of links for Wooden Painted Saints

spiritual bouquet

Our original Rosary Craft Kit has been embellished and expanded over the years and now features a giant Wall Garland Rosary, coloring pages, clipart for a Spiritual Bouquet card and of course the trademark Spiritual Bouquet Rosary Flower! Check out the Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers Craft Kit!

Egg Carton Mary

Wish you could make little Saint figures, but don’t have the supplies on hand? These little people are made exclusively with egg cartons! See our Egg Carton Mary and our other Egg Carton Saints!

Bring on the Month of May…and the Month of Mary!

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