Works of Mercy…like the Saints!

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Works of Mercy ~ Kelly SaintsTM Style

30 pages of templates featuring Kelly SaintsTM images with explanations of each saint’s association with the Works of Mercy! Make a Tabletop Carousel, Double-Feature Accordion Book, Board Book, Buttons, Badges, Cake Toppers, Votive Candles, Stamps, Prayer Cards, a Coloring Book or Matching Game…with the 4 varied format templates and instructions within this kit!


Works of Mercy ~ Kelly SaintsTM Style (PDF only) $15US

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This kit was so fun to make! It took a while to launch, because I kept finding new Saints to include and new ways to craft with the templates!

Works of Mercy Craft Kit

aerial view of the Corporal Works of Mercy Carousel

Part of what makes the creation of the Craft Kit time-consuming

…is recreating Kelly’s sketches digitally,

…formatting them

…printing them in black and white,

…water-coloring them…

painting saints

…rescanning them

…and formatting them into the kit…along with the research and formatting of the text!

Mother of Mercy

…and then there are the last minute additions…like our very own Mother of Mercy! Isn’t the little Divine Mercy Jesus adorable?

Theologically, it might not quite be correct, but the Divine Mercy streams of blood and water represent Mercy…and I’m pretty sure Jesus had a big grip on Mercy even as a child.

Accordion Works of Mercy

The Works of Mercy ~ Kelly SaintsTM Style Craft Kit ALSO includes a new Accordion format…which incidentally works really well with the two¬†categories of Works of Mercy: Corporal on one side, Spiritual on the other.

As always…the color templates for the quarter page Works of Mercy images are included along with the black and white versions for immediate coloring fun and lots of ways to format and enjoy them…and you have permission to make up to 5 copies for home or classroom use!

Also included! Badges!

We see these Works of Mercy Badges as awesome new stickers or laminated paper badges as incentives for Little Flower groups and other Catholic scout groups. We’re going to feature how we plan to make the badges in a future post, but we’re cooking up some awesome tutorials for a number of ways to make and use them!

Works of Mercy ~ Kelly SaintsTM Style (PDF only) $15US

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