The Child Chasuble

Rocket Powered Priest Car

Rocket Powered Priest Car

kelly rescues the little priest

Rocket Powered Priest Car Rescue





Two weeks ago I posted about the Priest Car Adam created for himself…and this week I caught him about to drive down the stairs in his Rocket-Powered Priest Car.

It’s the truth that Adam has a lot of ideas and a lot of interests. One minute he’s building his empire in Lego

the next he’s celebrating Mass in our livingroom…

Play Mass Kit

…and that’s why I made the Play Mass Kit. (Click on the link to find the Play Mass Kit printable for a shortcut to ordering and assembling the pieces! It’s FREE for subscribers.)

Adam Plays MassHe was doing fine with his new Play Mass Kit, but I decided to make him his own priest vestment…a Chasuble.

kid priest chasuble supplies

I bought a metre of no-wrinkle white fabric, some ribbon and some ribbon-sized heat bond (iron-on adhesive).

Child Chasuble Picture Tuturial 2

I’m sure my instructions will reveal that I am not a real seamstress…I kind of architect my way through sewing, and it’s not always pretty. I may or may not show the messy parts …or highlight my mistakes in the pictures. =)

I decided to make it 2ply, so I cut 2 pieces, using pretty much the whole 39″ x 52″ piece of fabric.

I sewed a hem around the entire outside and then turned it right side out (through the head hole I cut across the fold).

After turning it right side out, I sewed a couple of inches at the shoulder. I actually made most of the Chasuble while Adam was not home, so when I finally tried it on him, I realized a few things.

The shoulder needs to be more rounded and the garment needs only a short 5″ seam around the shoulders so that it hangs loosely.


The fun part was the ribbon! I ironed on adhesive to one side of the ribbon (cut to the size I wanted) and then I ironed them in place. I decided to reinforce the thinner ribbon, sewing it in place with a zigzag stitch.


I had wanted to add a neat little band of fabric around the neck to finish off the seam, but that was just beyond my sewing capabilities. I ended up folding and sewing a thin little seam around the neck…with a zigzag stitch.

I also needed to put a little tuck in the back because the opening was sliding down Adam’s little shoulders. The temporary tuck will be ripped out easily…if he still wants to wear it when he gets bigger.

Chasuble for a childchild chasuble play priest













Play Mass Kit


Play Mass Kit: Free for subscribers!

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