Priest Car

So, 5 year old Adam saw the pieces I’ve received in the mail to make our first ever Play Mass kit. He asks me everyday if it’s finished. When I told him that I also needed to make some priest vestments…he dragged my sewing machine up for me, from the basement. It took 2 hands…and a little dragging, but the sewing machine still works. =)

Last week, Adam (with his sister/new altar server Bridget assisting) tried to celebrate Mass in our family room.

profile Adam

They clearly couldn’t wait for me to compile the Mass kit (it’s taking a while because I’m creating a picture tutorial as I go)…so they took matters into their own hands. They made the crucifix…


and found candles and a plastic wine goblet, a plastic plate and a Bible.

For his homily…Adam retold his favorite Gospel reading.

All the people were waving their pom poms at Jesus, but some didn’t like Him. They killed Jesus with the two thieves, but He rose from the dead.


Oh…and Adam also made a Priest Car. I cut the leg holes in the bottom and added the string

…and he and Bridget designed the rest.

Priest Car

I guess a Priest Car has a lot of decals.

Call me for Confession Priest Carand bags of virtues and prayers

Priest Car Bags of Prayerand who doesn’t need a personalized license plate?

Fr Adam Car

Stay tuned for picture tutorials of our Play Mass Kit! It will be finished soon…if Adam keeps up his persistent inquiries.

happy Adam




  1. Cutest thing I’ve seen in a LOOOOOOOONG time.
    He is adorable…how creative!

    And what a beautiful love for the Lord!! The future is in good hands!

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