Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments

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Reflection questions, Catechisms questions and Kelly Comics clipart to scrapbook through all seven of the Sacraments. Instructions are included to create a unique accordion scrapbook, but templates lend themselves well to any scrapbook, homemade or store-bought!

The square templates can be cut to fit into an  8″x8″ constructed or store-bought scrapbook or folded according to the enclosed instructions  for an ACCORDIAN BOOK. Coloring and scrapbooking techniques are recommended to embellish the layouts, along with the clipart provided.

Record Sacrament celebration details along with thoughtful insights …of Sacraments received by the child or within the family. Foster love and respect for the Sacraments of Matrimony, Holy Orders and Anointing received by family and friends! Kids will enjoy coloring the Kelly Comics clipart and their Sacrament Scrapbook will be cherished (and even added to!) for years to come!

Our Journey with Jesus Craft Kit Series gives you perfect clipart, and thoughtful prompts and fill-in-the-blank Catechism about the Sacraments. There are three kits available: (all 7) Sacraments, (Baptism through to) Holy Communion and (Baptism through to) Confirmation.


Customize the Sacrament Scrapbook even more meaningfully with the PrayerLoom Prayerbook! It includes a neat template to email or snailmail to family and friends. The kit also includes links and tips to customize the scrapbook with your favorite prayers and images.

The All Season Prayer Bank offers over 75 prayer cards to tuck in your favorite prayers and nurture a blossoming prayer life!

Love the Saints? Include the Saints with Kelly Saints Stamps or Saint Stickies  or Conversations Pieces (plus, there are so many other awesome crafts you can do with these kits!)

Reconciliation Prep offers Sneak Peek Sheets for first time Reconciliation…or a Reconciliation Refresher!

Accordion Book Tutorial:

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