Reproducible…One-of-a-Kind Gifts

One of the cool features of our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables…is the fact that each kit includes permission to copy for family or classroom use!

Each one of our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables is packed with Catholic Catechism, Saints, Prayers and Sacraments…and illustrated with our own original Kelly SaintsTM   artwork

….and each kit comes with permission to copy for home or classroom use.

So this time of year, if you’re a little bit crafty…you can purchase the kits and print and assemble One-of-a-Kind custom family gifts that your family…and extended family will treasure for years and years!

Reproducible One of a Kind GiftsOur newest Craft Kit…just released this week is the Kelly Saints Blessing Cards Collection! There are 14 Kelly SaintsTM cards…with over 45 black and white insert templates for Catholic Greeting Cards! Print and gather this stash of cards featuring watercolored Kelly SaintsTM , Catholic celebrations including Feast Days, Sacraments, Sacrament Anniversaries, Prayer Cards, Mass Cards and much, much more.

Purchase the craft kit here

(50-page craft kit: $15)

Kelly Saints Blessing Cards Collection

One of our family favorites: The PERPETUAL Communion of Saints Calendar! Packed with Kelly SaintsTM illustrations, Catholic Feast Days and Monthly Devotions, add your own family dates (Sacrament anniversaries, family firsts, memorials) and copy to share with extended family. Never forget a birthday again!

Communion of Saints Calendar

Read more about the PERPETUAL Communion of Saints Calendar

Purchase the Communion of Saints Calendar craft kit here ($15 PDF includes full color set, b&w set and full year saint index):

Craft Kit Combo!

Calendar-Saint-Stickies-cover565dddf92cd2d.jpgAdd the NEW! Saint Stickies craft here

($15 PDF includes 461 stickies!) for extra embellishments

and MORE Kelly SaintsTM !

Catechism Jenga

Here’s something different! Add the Tower Tumble templates to JengaTM for Catechism-packed fun! Great for family or the classroom!

Read more about it here: Build up your Catholic Catechism!

The 26-page template now includes a Jumbo Tower template!

Buy the $10 PDF here:


Super Saints Quizzing Cards

We’ve even put the Super Saints on a RING…not sure how you’d play with the ring of cards and the Saint tokens…but they’re both kid-magnets and a lot of fun in these unique form factors!

Kelly Saints Cards on a Ring plus tokens

Kelly Saints Stamps square cover
Another Great Craft Kit Combo!

The Kelly Saints Stamps craft kit offers 42 of the Kelly SaintsTM formatted to a bunch of different templates to transform classic games like Connect4, Guess Who?! and even Checkers and Monopoly! The Kelly SaintsTMStamps can be adhered to poker chips for instant Saint Tokens…to use as counters, prizes, bingo markers, Plinko…and much, much more!


Purchase the Kelly SaintsTMStamps craft kit

($15 PDF) here:

Painted Saints Church in a Box

…and the Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit has been used to convert a Michaels wooden barn and a Goldfish Cracker Box … and recently a wooden lunch box …to a CHURCH for the Painted Saints!

Read more about the Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit 

or purchase the $5 Craft Kit here:


All of our Cathletics Craft Kits Printables come with permission to copy for family use…so you can make a couple of sets of these awesome, custom Catholic gifts for your family and friends.

Craft Kits can not be used in products to be sold

…but they make treasured gifts…that you can purchase and print TODAY…and assemble in time for Christmas!



Thanks for your purchases…your support helps our family and encourages us to make more awesome Catholic products!

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