Painted Saint Church -TO-GO!

Cathedral Clipart in a Craft Box

I’ve been shopping for hinged unfinished boxes for an even easier Painted Saint Church

…an easy box to find at the craft store… and easy to mod-podge the Cathedral clipart!

You might remember the barn-converted-to-Church.


…and the Church we made from a family size Cracker Box


…but I think the unfinished Wood Barn at Michaels is all but impossible to find

…and some people were intimidated by the cardboard template of the Church. (It’s really not too hard!)


The hand-made Churches have been really popular with our Wooden Painted Saints though.

A few weeks ago, a customer emailed me pictures of her Wood Purses, made for her (when she was a child) by her Dad and painted by her Mom.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Susie's wood purses

At Michael’s, there are birdhouses and boats and boxes in the wood aisle, but I decided to try out a couple of hinged boxes. This one is kind of like a little wooden lunch box…with hinges and a closing latch and a handle! Perfect for a Painted Saint Church -TO-GO!

wood purse box

I found a couple types of wood boxes at Michaels…so I’m going to be able to make a couple different versions of the Painted Saint Church -TO-GO!, but I just couldn’t wait to post this one.

Cathedral Clipart and Painted Saints


Cathedral Clipart Hinged Box

I know I could paint the inside wall and floor surfaces, but I decided to go with the natural wood and the stone template for the floor (from the Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit). I was able to mod podge them in really fast.

Again…these are the smaller wooden peg dolls: they’re only 1-3/4″ tall, but the Cathedral Clipart (see Craft Kit below) can accommodate a much bigger box that would serve the larger painted saints as well!

Mass in a box with the Painted Saints


Cathedral-Clipart-Craft-KitNEW 2in1 Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit*

This 2-in-1 Craft Kit includes various sizes of Cathedral Clipart to accommodate different sized boxes and different sized peg dolls! It also includes templates and instructions to make the church out of a Family Size Goldfish Cracker Box!

*includes Cracker Box Cathedral clipart, tutorial and X-Acto Knife Safety Tips

Available as PDF Download Only: $5
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