Give the gift you’ll feel great about giving….

Super-Saints first 18

Give the gift you’ll feel great about giving….

Super Saints logo


Quizzing Super Saints 2  They’re QUIZZING CARDS you can play ACTUAL CARD GAMES with!

Sorting Super Saints

They can be SORTED…by any number of categories

…TIMELINE: life years, canonization dates,

VOCATIONS, Feast Dates, Age…

Super Saints Bingo Familia Catolica

You can play BINGO with them…especially using them with the Super Saints Craft Kit already formatted with 9 Saints on 6 different templates, with permission to copy up to 5 sets!

Matching Super Saints

You can match them with the Wooden Painted Saints…with all the quick facts and Saint Stats easily referenced on each card!


Use the Super Saints cards with your family HedBanz Game*  …each player asks clues to guess the identity of the card on their head!

Super Saints on a ring…or put them on a ACCO Loose Leaf Binder Ring*

and have them at the ready

for Mass, the VAN, waiting rooms

….or anywhere you’re hoping to keep them quiet as they learn about the Saints…the FUN way!

*Amazon Affiliate Link…thanks for the literally dozens of cents you send my way with your purchase through these links.

St Joseph on a ring

Save on SHIPPING from Canada when you purchase THREE decks at a time! See 1-, 2- and 3-deck Add to Cart buttons below.

1 deck = $12 + $6 shipping = $18US 

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  1. Hi,
    Do you sell these saints cards as a downloadable version so I can print at home? I live in UK so postage too expensive from USA. Thanks

  2. Thanks for asking, Claire! You’ll want the Super Saints Craft Kit! It comes with permission to copy up to 5 sets and the templates have crop lines for your print shop to use, to cut them into cards!

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