Will YOU be a Kelly Saint someday?

My friend Mallory commissioned Kelly to draw her portrait

…as a Kelly Saint -in-training.

Kelly Saint in Training

and here’s why:

…Now, I am wondering, if after I die, I will have a real super saint card, not just a saint in the making card, but a real saint with real holy cards and prayers. Time will tell, but look around you.

I’m not the only saint in the making. You are, too. There are saints in the making all around.

Super saints are, first and foremost, women and men who gave themselves to God and stand at the cross. For some saints, it was an instantaneous decision and accomplishment. For most saints, it was a process, a journey, a life filled with ups and downs. They fell many times in their journey, but they got up again and walked to the Lord.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? You try and fail. Try and fail. However, as you walk forward, you become a better person. You learn to love more. You learn to be less judgmental. You learn to love openly those who are unkind to you. You extend mercy to those who would harm you. Each day, with the Lord’s blessings and graces, you walk the mountain of salvation. You pick up your cross, and lead the way.

No, you’re not perfect—yet, but you are on the way. We’re all super saints in the making…

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