No Royalty-Free, Paid or Generic Clipart has been used in the Making of these Products

only original artwork

I like creating Catholic craft kits, books and quizzing cards, but I’m a little bit old school. I create all my own artwork…or I personally make digital images of my daughter Kelly’s original sketches.

See those social media button over on the right? I made them.  See the Painted Saints or Kelly Saints pics? Yup, made them too. The badges, the buttons, the logos. Those too.

All Saints

Yes, it’s time consuming…but it’s a bit of a passion…and aren’t they awesome?

JP2, St Joseph St Juan

This way…when you buy one Saints Kit…like Super Saints Cards or Saint Scripts One, Two or the brand new Saint Scripts Three…your kids will begin to recognize those same saints across different activities, crafts and family traditions!

JP2 Saint Scripts


I just recently released the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar. I’m pretty sure that it’s unlike anything out there as this calendar can be adjusted to accommodate the moving seasons of Lent and Easter….and can be brought out year after year, or left on display all year round!

Adjustable Liturgical Calendar Stickies cymk

We didn’t stop there though. Not only do you get the unique Liturgical Calendar Wheel templates, you get two pages of Kelly Saints Stickies to use as stickers or placeholders for the special patron Saint Feast Days throughout the calendar! As with all of our Cathletics Craft Kits…you also get permission to make copies of these templates. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think of how these little stickers could cheer up lunch notes and chore charts, family calendars and planners.

Saint Stickies cymk

Saint Stickies for the Fridge cymkI’m getting a kick out of seeing these new stickers on our fridge calendar!


In fact, I’ve been working on another kit with over 400 Catholic stickers in a separate craft kit.

Calendar Saint Stickies…COMING SOON!

I’m really excited about this kit…this one kit offers infinite opportunities to introduce the Saints and beloved Catholic devotions and practices into everyday family life.

Don’t worry…if you have already purchased the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar…you will be offered a special deal for the Calendar Saint Stickies kit to receive the extra Saint Stickies at a remarkably good discount!

Understandably…this isn’t a $5 craft kit. I recognize that many may turn and run…because it’s another $15 craft kit.

But to those who purchase…

thank you

  • for supporting our family apostolate
  • for recognizing the  time that goes into original Catholic artwork!
  • for encouraging us in our work
  • for encouraging Kelly in her ongoing application and portfolio readying! It’s kind of gruelling and disheartening at times…but the popularity of the Kelly Saints and Super Saints and your encouragement and support remind her that it’s worth the effort! She hopes to be in Art School next year!


…and to those who purchase our $15 craft kits, you are also the enlightened ones to recognize the incredible value of these kits in PDF form with their included permission to make copies for non-commercial purposes…in the home and classroom.

This quality and inherent value of the permission to copy… is rare in quality Catholic products! My business-prof husband winces at the time and effort I have put into these kits…and the value I’m giving away. It’s a little scary to let go of control of these images, releasing them as PDFs and relying on the good will and honor of our customers not to take advantage… but I think it’s right for families and teachers.

Please leave us a comment if you appreciate the time and effort and value of our Cathletics Craft Kits! Who knows…you may even WIN the Cathletics Craft Kit of your choice with your awesome comment!


  1. so excited about the sticker packet! I would love to see major church feasts and maybe even the date on the stickers so they could be added to the calendar without flubbing it up. cause I totally would :).

    Maybe a month devotion sticker & confession, FF/FS stickers, too. Can you tell this has been on my mind for months? if you do it, I won’t have to. ha!

    • Hi Jen! Your comment really encouraged me to finish the new Calendar Saint Stickies craft kit…I just launched MINUTES ago! In thanks for your comment…you WIN the new craft kit PDF! Go check your inbox!

  2. Kim Richter says:

    I can’t wait to purchase this and the Calendar Saint Stickies! I have been looking for Saint stickers for an entire year with no luck!

  3. Xhonane Olivas says:

    Dear Monica,
    I understand the time and effort that implies creating something new!! I have been there, in much smaller scale than yours, but still can relate!! I admire your creativity and dedication!! May God bless all you do to promote Catholic material to assist families know their faith better!!!
    I wanted to let you know that we used our Holy Saints cards for our All Saints Day celebration this year!!! Here is a link:

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