NEW Craft Kit: Adjustable Liturgical Calendar!

The 2015-2016 Liturgical Calendar starts fresh in 27 days!

Have you ever tried to teach the concept of the Liturgical Calendar or wished that you had an easy way see it in ONE glance?

I’ve always eyed those circular Liturgical Calendar posters (like this:  Year of Grace 2016 Poster Calendar)
…and now with Kelly Saints Comics, I have created an Adjustable Liturgical Calendar for use year after year, with 72 unique and awesome Kelly Saints Stickies to tailor the calendar with each family’s patron saints!

Adjustable Lit Cal assembled

We’ve figured our way around the changing number of Ordinary Time weeks before and after Lent and Easter!

We fit all the pieces into letter size templates…to make it easier for you to print and laminate, but the assembled Adjustable Liturgical Calendar is a minimum of 16″ wide and will easily grab attention with bright colors and Kelly Saints!

pieces liturgical calendar

That’s right, the Adjustable Liturgical Calendar includes

72 Kelly Saint Stickies

…and we have all kinds of cool ideas of how to use them…in addition to embellishing this Adjustable Liturgical Calendar!


October liturgical calendar

The Adjustable Liturgical Calendar is assembled from templates printed in color

…or printed in black and white and colored with pencil crayons, markers or paint!


We used our home Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901)  to make it durable…to last for years to come!

Year of Mercy liturgical calendar


A brad fastener is used to secure the pieces together, allowing adjustment for the variable number of weeks of Ordinary Time before (and after) Lent and Easter.

Alternatively, the Calendar can be assembled on a bulletin board or Bristol Board for easy reference.

painted saints lit calendar

It happens to provide an awesome stage or track for our Wooden Painted Saints!

Adam and the liturgical calendar


A clear plastic table cloth can keep the reusable Saint Stickies secure as a centerpiece on your kitchen table.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have this colorful reminder of the Feasts and Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar…always at the ready?

St Gemma liturgical calendar

Adjustable Liturgical Calendar cover


Kelly Saints Adjustable Liturgical Calendar

19 pages of color and b&w templates including instructions and 72 full color Kelly Saint Stickies!

($15 PDF) (actually $15.01, it’s a long story)

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