Gold for the Shoes

I know that American Thanksgiving is this Thursday, followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday…and I’ll probably have some special deals posted on our Cathletics Craft Kits…but HOLD ON!

St-Nick-and-the-KrampusThe Feast of St Nicholas will be here before we know it…and don’t you want something AWESOME to fill up those shoes!?

St Nicholas Shoe Treasures

We’re so excited about how Project: Super Saints went a few months ago and the response to this awesome deck of 54 Kelly Saints SUPER SAINTS quizzing cards we released…the cards you can play actual GAMES with while you learn about the Saints!

We have sold over HALF of our entire Print Run!

Right now, WE are the exclusive distributors for these unique SUPER SAINTS decks and we live in CANADA! Please consider placing your order TODAY so that we can get them to you in time to …FILL THOSE SHOES! Shipping can take a week!

Please email me for express shipping costs: mmcconkey a t rogers d o t com or leave a comment below.

Super Saints Stocking Stuffers

Incidentally, these shrink-wrapped, 54-card decks in the cute printed boxes fit PERFECTLY in Christmas Stockings!

Save on SHIPPING from Canada when you purchase THREE decks at a time! See 1-, 2- and 3-deck Add to Cart buttons below.
Super Saints

54 Saint Cards + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box

These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and quantifiable facts and a short biography.

They can be played in a number of ways including


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