The Dragon Slayer Handbook

Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers

by Sir Wyvern Pugilist
This book is the definitive guide to slaying the dragons of vice and sin, following the Chief Dragon Slayer Himself (Jesus) and consulting the Ancient Manuel (the Bible). The Senior Dragon Slayers of Old (Saints) avail themselves as dignified mentors for the Dragon Slayer apprentice (you) on this virtuous quest.
This is a well-written, witty and imaginative book, the “How To Slay a Dragon” guide for faithful Christian pilgrims, as they courageously put on the Armor of God (hey, that’s our company name… Arma Dei!) and prepare for the battle of their lives.

You will love this book. You might buy it for your child, but find yourself reading it eagerly, out loud…because you want to!

…and if you purchase it here, you will receive the exclusive Dragon Slayers Progress Report PDF download…with permission to copy for each Dragon Slayer who lives in your house.

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