Saints Craft Kits for All Saints Parties

Ever since Kelly started drawing the Saints for us, we’ve been collecting Saint-themed Cathletics Craft Kits…and we’re still making MORE!

Saint Craft Kits2

The great thing about Cathletics Craft Kit Printables is that the kits include permission to make copies for class sets! We’ve discovered that laminating the templates, quizzing cards and Kelly Saints Stamps allows us to use them year after year…displaying them at conferences and enjoying them on various Saints Days…and especially All Saints Day!

Print and assemble the kit ONCE…and we’re confident that it will survive many ways to play…class after class, year after year!

All Saints Games

We’ve compiled special ways to play ALL SAINTS PARTY GAMES with a number of our Saint-themed Cathletics Craft Kitseven if playing with a large group of kids!


ALL SAINTS GAME ONE We used the Kelly Saints Stamps kit and made Saint Tokens for a Homemade Plinko game!

The Plinko Board is made from a glass or plastic picture frame along with little double-sided suction cups! The Saint Tokens (Kelly Saints Stamp-covered poker chips!) zig zag down the slanted picture frame, making their way to Saint categories or questions (included within the templates). If a child can answer the question…they keep the Saint Token, aiming to collect the most tokens to win!

If playing with a large group of kids, make sure that you’ve made a good amount of Saint Tokens. If you prefer….cut the stamps out in squares or with a circle punch after laminating the templates. This will make them more durable without using Poker Chips!

ALL SAINTS GAME TWO If you don’t want to take the time to make the Plinko Board (even though it’s a big draw at parties =), you can use the same Saint Tokens and Saint Categories for Shuffleboard style play on a flat surface.

painting poker chipsWe have converted Poker Chips to Saint Tokens, Mysteries of the Rosary Tokens, Stations of the Cross Tokens and Saint and Sacrament Tokens (from reduced Cake Topper Templates)…and even added little hangers to turn them into ornaments for a Saint Tree!

catholic poker chips

ALL SAINTS GAMES THREE FOUR FIVE (plus) Saint Tokens (Kelly Saint Stamp-covered Poker Chips) can be used as collectibles, currency or tickets for games at All Saints Day Parties and loot bag favors!

Kelly-Saints-Stamps-square-cover.jpgThe same Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit has MANY different formats of stamps to convert your Connect4TM, 

Guess Who?!TM  Checkers and even MonopolyTM! Stickers can be made out of the Stamp templates for lots of crafts and activities!

If playing with a large group of kids, set up stations with these 2-4 player games. Saint Tokens may be used as currency to play the various games!

Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit ($15 PDF)

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Please respect the limited copyright with this craft kit.




Please purchase your Super Saints decks here.


The Super Saints kit includes templates of all 54 Super Saints cards, along with the official BACK template for all the cards. The cards are formatted 9-to-a-page…for instant BINGO!

If you’ve made an abundance of Saint Tokens…you could use those for Bingo Markers! You will need to cut out a set of the cards from the craft kit (or purchase a ready-to-use Super Saints deck) to call out the Saints for Bingo.

If playing with a large group of kids, make sure that you print a large quantity of the Bingo cards!  To save a little money…print in grayscale and let the kids embellish their take-home Bingo card with coloring (crayons, pencil crayons or markers) as they play!


Super Saints can be played in a friendly ‘war’ style of play, comparing and challenging the quantifiable facts on each card in Super Saints Showdown:

“I think my Saint was canonized more recently.”

“I think my Saint was younger when she died.”

“My Saint’s Feast Day is closer to TODAY.”

“My Saint was canonized sooner after he died.”

Super Saints cards

If playing with a large group of kids,  set up a number of stations where kids can play, each dealt 3-8 cards from one deck, depending on how long you’d like the game to last! If time is a factor, limit each group to 3-4 players and limit each game to 3-5 rounds, so that each player gets a chance to challenge the others.


Super Saints can be played as a Trivia Game, asking specific questions about the Saint at different levels of difficulty in Super Saints Stats:

“What is this Saint’s Feast Day?”

“What is this Saint ‘patron saint’ of?”

“In what century did this Saint live?”

“What was this Saint’s Vocation?”

“What were this Saint’s special Spiritual Gifts?”

“Tell me one fact about this Saint’s life.”

If playing with a large group of kids, divide the players into two teams. Two adults hold a sheet blocking the view for opposing teams, as players are lined up in single lines on either side. As one member from each team approaches the sheet, the adults drop the sheet so that the competing members face each other. A question about a particular saint is asked based on the Super Saints cards…and the first player to give the correct answer wins a point for their team.

HedBanz with the #SuperSaints #converted2BCatholic #CatholicCrafts

HedBanz with the #SuperSaints #converted2BCatholic #CatholicCrafts


Super Saints can be played with the game HedBanzTM  as each player asks yes or no questions to figure out the identity of the Saint Card placed on the forehead.

If playing with a large group of kids, make sure each child has a headband (from the dollar store) and a Super Saints cards. There are 54 cards in one deck or craft kit!

…and an ADDED BONUS for your All Saints Day Party:

Saint_Scripts_ONE Saint Scripts TWOWe have Saint Scripts Series ONE and Saint Scripts Series TWO

Saint Scripts ONE ($15 PDF)

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Saint Scripts TWO ($15 PDF)

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Saint Scripts Three

…and the newest release in the series:

Saint Scripts THREE ($15 PDF)

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more info: Saint Scripts THREE

Check out the Saint Scripts BUNDLE at the Arma Dei Shoppe

These kits include color postcards with the same Kelly Saints images, quick facts and a short bio for 21 Saints in each kit.  The kits also include black and white templates for kids to color the Kelly Saints and fill in the details about the Saint.

If playing with a large group of kids who are dressed up as their favorite saint

Saints ‘Search Submission:

Consider printing out the black and white templates for each kid to fill out for the particular saint they are for the night!

If the black and white templates are handed out with invitations to the All Saints Party, kids will have a better opportunity to research their saint and fill out the card.

If the particular saint chosen by a child is not included within the kit, there is an open template (without the picture) for kids to draw their saint and fill in the information.

Optional: Take a picture of each child holding their filled-in Saint card…and collect all the filled-in cards at the All Saints Party to create a meaningful summary of the Saints! If possible…include the printed pictures of the kids in costume in the Scrapbook for a wonderful keepsake of the event!


An assembled Communion of Saints Perpetual Calendar is a lovely prize for a family to take home from the All Saints Day Party!

Communion of Saints Family Calendar ($15 PDF)

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Please respect the limited copyright with this craft kit.

Super Saints cardsPRIZES!

Super Saints decks also make great prizes!

or even break open a deck or two to give just one or two cards to each child as prizes!

They will love collecting the Saints cards, will compare their cards with their friends and will be eager to earn more!

Ordering information: Super Saints Decks


Remember…you can make Saint Tokens out of Poker Chips with the Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit! These make great prizes and collectibles too!

Leave a comment…if you have an idea for ALL SAINTS GAME TEN for your chance to win the Super Saints Cathletics Craft Kit!


  1. Heather McLemore says:

    Ideas for “All Saints Game Ten”:

    Creation Week Mayhem- either a sorting game for younger kids (have images of the various living & non-living things God created- variety of water animals, air animals, land animals, planets, minerals/ rocks, etc- and organize under the corresponding ‘day’. For older kids, have more abstract images, such as- an Indian leather tent, wool blanket, wood house, lard soap, wax candle, mineral pigment, etc- organizing under corresponding creation ‘day’ by the day the material used was created.

    Covenant Match-up- Having the various Covenants, & matching up images (for younger) or words (for older) of the people/ promises/ events under each covenant (i.e. Noah- the ark, animals, Noah’s family, how long it took to build, the dove w/ branch, how long it rained/ how long before flood waters receded enough, the rainbow w/ 7 colors, Noah pleading w/ the others to repent, the mountain the Ark is said to have settled, etc; same w/ Adam & Eve, w/ Moses, Jacob, King David, etc.), w/ more detailed info used w/ older kids. Or, you could also do a Trivia game, or trivia board game.

    Know that Biblical Figure, (could be done in the style of Family Fued or Jeopardy)- for Family Fued style, give the Name of a biblical character, have teams, and each team lists off different facts about the person (the points for each fact being pre decided by you, depending upon obscurity of the fact). This could also be done for Saints, for Covenants, etc..

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