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Feast Day Crafts and Activities

Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO).

October 7th is the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary

…and the whole MONTH of October is dedicated to the Rosary!


There are lots of fun ways to celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary…first and foremost, reciting the Rosary with your family or parish or school community! The Living Rosary is a great way to get maximum participation in the recitation of the Rosary …assigning each person to lead one of the classic prayers of the Rosary.

mysteries cake toppers rgb

Mysteries Cake Toppers: Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit

Our Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit actually includes little Mysteries of the Rosary Cake Toppers which can be printed for each Our Father and Hail Mary and held by the person leading the particular prayer. Each one is illustrated with the appropriate Mystery of the Rosary…to help focus the meditations.

Mysteries-cover554a081bbda2e.pngOur Mysteries of the Rosary with Kelly Saints  Craft Kit includes the Revolving Rosary (a spinning Mystery and prayer counter to help keep track of the prayers of the Rosary as they are said) along with lace-up Mystery booklets and cake toppers for a Living Rosary. All templates are illustrated with Kelly Saints Mysteries of the Rosary!

Mysteries booklet laceup

Lace-Up Mysteries Booklets: Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit

Revolving Rosary supplies 2

Revolving Rosary: Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit

Rosary Crafts on Pinterest

2There are lots of ways to MAKE Rosaries!  Just search “Rosary Crafts” on Pinterest and you’ll find an incredible number of #CatholicCrafts!


You can use

  • pony beads on pipe cleaners or string with straw spacers
  • big wooden beads on knotted string
  • knotted rosaries (with string alone!) See Illuminated Ink!
  • handmade beads (out of clay or rolled paper) on string!

Check out these EDIBLE Rosaries for your Feast Day Table!

Chocolate Chip Rosary Catholic All YearCheck out the Chocolate Chip Rosary at Catholic All Year




…the Cupcake Rosary or the Rosary made of Donuts and Timbits (is that a Canadian thing?) over at A Slice of Smith Life


We’ve also seen Edible Rosaries made out of skittles, M&M’s and other favorite candy!


spiritual bouquetOur other Rosary-related Cathletics Craft Kit is the Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers. It’s an excellent craft to help teach the Rosary!

One colorful paper flower is made as the prayers of one decade are recited (or read from the flower pieces!) Templates for a giant wall garland are also included along with a one page coloring Rosary template (and Divine Mercy template)

BONUS: flower template for the prayers of the Divine Mercy…perfect for the Year of Mercy coming up!



Check out our Original Revolving Rosary…we are once again making available!

revolving rosaryRevolving Rosary PDF

Simple Mystery and Prayer Counter craft with instructions and multiple round templates, plus 2 Coloring Rosary templates.

Print on colored paper for use right away…or color the black and white templates to customize for your family.

6 pages of instructions and templates ($5)

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Do you have your own family activities, traditions, crafts or celebrations to share for this special Feast Day? Don’t forget to add it at the Celebrate the Saints Link-Up…or pick up an idea or two for your family to enjoy!

Treasure Chest and Saint Scripts Kits

This is the another edition of Feast Day Fun…offering excerpts from Equipping Catholic Families, A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

and Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO).

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