Super Saints are HERE!

super saints are here

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our NEW Super Saints decks…and GUESS WHAT?!?

They arrived a WEEK EARLY…well in advance of the World Meeting of Families which we leave for this weekend!

super saints are here 2

We ripped open the first box…and the cello wrap of the first deck…

Super saints here

…and we are SO HAPPY with the way that they turned out!


Super SaintsSuper Saints Cards

by Monica and Kelly McConkey



54 Saint Cards  + 1 Vocation Index (+ Quick Rules) in a glossy printed box

These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and often quantifiable facts and a short biography.

They can be played in a number of ways including

Shipping cost for 1-2 decks = $6



US Customers

$12US/deck + shipping:



Canadian Customers:

$12Cdn/deck + shipping:

Here’s what they’re saying about Super Saints!

Reviews of the Super Saints Cards

The Making of the Super Saints (Video):


  1. Crystal Clovis says:

    did i read somewhere on your website that we can perhaps purchase the artwork for us to print our own cards at home? we’re in the UK so that would be ideal!” thank you

    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for your comment! Our Saint Scripts Craft Kits can be purchased here: Saint Scripts Bundle

      • Thanks to Crystal for already asking my question. Tomorrow is our All Saints celebration at church and I would love to have these to play with the children who come, but I have left it too late for shipping anything to Australia. 😛
        Thanks, Monica for the link to the downloadable version to purchase. Fantastic, fantastic site, by the way! I have stumbled upon a treasure!

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