Hand in Hand with Jesus: A Faith Journal

Hand in Hand $2495

Monica McConkey (Author) Kelly McConkey (Illustrator)
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LOOK INSIDE Hand in Hand with Jesus:
Baptism/Family/Reconciliation, Communion/Confirmation,
Reflections, Marriage/Holy Orders/Anointing

Product Details 

Hardcover with inside wire binding: 176 pages

Publisher:  Arma Dei (2010)
Language:  English
ISBN 978 0 9689159 5 0
Product Dimension:  8.75″x6.25″
Shipping Weight: 452g

Two Journals in one!  The first section of the Faith Journal traces the teaching and celebration of the seven Sacraments and the Catholic Faith. The second section of the Faith Journal (“Heart to heart with Jesus”) offers thought provoking questions and reflections on life and a growing relationship with Jesus.

This hardcover, concealed coil book is packed with prompting reflections and questions, tracing the child’s Catholic journey of Faith: the celebration of the Sacraments, the growing knowledge of the Catholic Faith through Catechism and Tradition and the child’s deepening personal relationship with Jesus.

Catechism references are included to look up specific questions, although there is a complete answer key in the back of the book for Catechism based questions.

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