Equipping Catholic Families to celebrate Saint Name Days!

Over at Equipping Catholic Families, we have created a number of Catholic Printables to make your family patron saint days memorable! All of our craft kits come with permission to copy and we’ve found that laminating the printed templates make them last year after year.


The FREE Feast Day Plate printable offers templates to trace on a ceramic plate with a sharpie and bake in the oven.


The Communion of Saints Family Calendar is a perpetual calendar that you can use year after year! Once printed out, families add their special dates: birthdays, anniversaries, memorial dates and family firsts! Many of the Saint Feast Days are already added in (with full color Kelly Saints illustrations!) and a special month by month index is included to add all of your family patron Saint Days!


Love Like a Saint Love Quote Cards include 48 Cake Topper templates of Kelly Saints illustrations with a special quote about love from or about the Saint. These cute round templates can be used to decorate cards or the table or cake…and make every Saint’s Day special!

Extra Bonus**: you can bring the printable out for St Valentine’s Day and make Saint-centered St Valentine’s Day cards!



Conversation Pieces with Saints and Sacraments offer 180 cake topper conversation prompts including 42 Kelly Saints with the illustration, a fact about the Saint and a question to reflect on, related to the Saint!

BONUS**: These Conversation Pieces will also be great for All Saints Day festivities!

Advent and Lent Quest

Advent & Lent Quest offers 3 sets of paper chain links to countdown to ANY Saint Feast Day or Liturgical Season!  One of the paper chain sets include 40 little Saint Biographies (plus DIY templates to add additional Saints) so that you can learn about a Saint a day!

Saint_Scripts_ONE Saint Scripts TWO

Saint Scripts Series One and Two offer full color postcards with Kelly Saints illustrations, quick facts and a short bio.  Half-page black and white templates offer the illustration to color and the template to fill in the facts for little research projects on the Saints!  We expect that Saint Scripts Series Three will be released in the Fall of 2015 over at Equipping Catholic Families.



The Kelly Saints illustrations in the Saint Scripts Series One and Two craft kits are also perfect for Baby Food Jar Votive Candles and a welcomed decoration to the Feast Day dinner table! Color prints can be inserted into the candle for a quick stained glass effect!

Paint by Saint with watercolor

We’ve also printed out the black and white templates from the  Saint Scripts Series One and Two  craft kits and watercolored them with this Paint by Saint activity!  The finished painted saint illustrations can be used for homemade cards, votive candles, bookmarks, spiritual bouquets, framed pictures, memory cards, holy cards and table decorations!

monthly saint pages

Do you have a Family Planner or Organizer Binder to keep track of Family celebrations, important papers and monthly activities? The FREE Monthly Saint Pages Printable includes Monthly Divider pages with I Spy…the Saints! collages!  Each cover page offers a sneak peek at the key Saints for that month with holy cards, holy medals and other sacramentals along with the Wooden Painted Saints.

Feast Day Fun MikeDon’t forget to check out our Gallery of Feast Day Fun for specific saints each month!

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