Cross Stitch Saints: St Therese!

cross stitch kit

My friend Nancy at Do Small Things with Love has created 36 Catholic Saint Cross Stitch patterns and has invited a troop of crafty kids to make them…including my 9 year old Bridget!

In advance of our road trip to #worldmeetingoffamilies, I printed off  the St Thérèse Cross Stitch pattern from Nancy’s site and made my own travel kit for Bridget to get started on, in the van.

Bridget cross stitching WMOFTogether, we made St Thérèse ! I resisted the urge to rip out the not-so-perfect first cross stitches of Bridget’s. She’s still learning how to make the perfect little x’s. We are also deliberately not showing the back! If the back is any indication of cross stitch prowess…we’re just not playing. =)

We received the actual instructions and helpful tips after we returned from #wmof…so we kind of missed the memo on taping the edges to avoid the fray.

St Therese scan

The day after we returned from our big trip to Philadelphia…was Bridget’s Godmother’s birthday. We decided to finish the little St Thérèse cross stitch into a little ornament.

lid frame

I cut out the inside of a plastic lid to make a circular frame….

yarn covered frame…wrapped the frame with red yarn (to match the roses of St Therese’s)

glue gun edges

…glued the yarn-covered frame on top of the trimmed cross stitch with a glue gun.

I added a little extra glue gun glue on top of the edge of the cross stitch…to prevent more fraying.

St Therese loop

I glued the extra stray end of the yarn into a loop…to hang it…

St Therese cross stitch ornament

…and voila! Cute little Cross Stitch St Thérèse!


I opted to use the small embroidery hoop…so I actually needed to shorten St Thérèse a touch…and I didn’t stitch her name, even though Nancy kindly includes the backstitch cursive name of each Saint on her pattern. The flowers were a little different on the pattern…and we decided to include the cross (like the crucifix often held by St Thérèse on pictures and holy cards).


…Just in time for the Feast Day of St Thérèse!

Feast Day Fun Mike

Check out Feast Day Fun: St Thérèse at Equipping Catholic Families!

We’ve got Good Deed Bead Bracelets, a Saint Day Plate…and St Thérèse dolls and a Wooden Painted Saint!

St Therese St Therese Good Deed Beads Feast Day St Therese St Therese



    Would you please direct us to the source of the Saint Cross Stitch patterns?

    God reward you for your kind assistance.

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