Jesus and the Saints! Super Saints Craft Kit with all 54 Cards

Super Saints cover 54

Announcing the LAUNCH PARTY of this much anticipated Super Saints Craft Kit with the complete set of 54 Super Saints cards!

Jesus and the Saints!

This Cathletics Craft Kit comes with templates for all 54 Cards along with the official Super Saints back cover template. along with printing instructions and instructions on various games to play.┬áThese can be printed at home (and laminated if you have your own awesome laminator!) or the file can be taken to Staples for them to print on heavy card stock…maybe even glossy! The crop marks are all in place so you can have Staples cut them as well! This is not an affiliate link for Staples…most print shops will be able to do an awesome job of producing these cards for you!

Super Saints cover 54 CYMK

Super Saints Craft Kit*

(Jesus and the Saints: All 54 Cards)

*sorry, the Super Saints cards are no longer available in the craft kit format.

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  1. I love the work you do! Please keep it up. My kids are a little young so we haven’t gotten to use all your stuff yet but it’s definitely in our plan to do so!

  2. All blogged and FB’d and posted. Thank you for the chance to use this to learn and play with my kids and for the blessing of it turning into a chance for my kids to pray for a friend… You will LOVE LOVE LOVE these Saints cards and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME! Donating now and ordering one of the decks of Super Saints!
    Here’s my Review:

  3. Tell me a bit more about the “Vocation Index.” I am teaching 8th grade CCD this year and we are spending a good amount of time focusing on vocation. I would love to make these a part of our discussions!

    • Thanks, Katie!
      The “Vocation Index” is something I kind of invented for the quantifiable facts part of the game of Super Saints. It was my attempt to categorize the Saints by the rarity of their vocation and/or spiritual gifts. I’m definitely not trying to assess holiness here. =) Katie, You’re going to LOVE the Super Saints Craft Kit for use in your 8th grade CCD class! ~Monica

  4. Xhonane Olivas says:

    Monica, wow! I am always amazed at the creativity and the quality of all you do! I love the concept of these cards!! And the video was very touching! I already shared it in my FB.
    I pray that God will provide through generous hearts to fund this wonderful resource!!! God bless!!

    • Thanks, Xhonane! It has been so fun putting these together with my daughter’s Kelly Saints! I’ve wanted to make cards like this for YEARS…and I’m hoping I get a good response and can actually take the printed cards to Meeting of Families! Thanks for sharing on FB! So nice to hear from you and looking forward to doing some projects together!

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