Another Classic Game…converted to be Catholic! HeadBandz!

Super Saints promoAs many of you know, we’ve been scrambling to print the Super Saints cards in time for the World Meeting of Families.

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Super-Saints-cover-54-CYMK55cb5edb27e9e.pngWe have already released the Super Saints Craft Kit for those who just couldn’t wait to play with these unique quizzing cards and we’ve already had a number of awesome Catholic families tell us about how much fun they’ve been having, playing with these cards!

We will be posting a master link list of all of the Super Saints Craft Kit REVIEWS, but in the meantime, we just had to tell you about a new WAY to PLAY with the Super Saints…as discovered by Samantha at Homeschooling: The Journey Not The Destination

HeadBandz Homeschooling

We actually don’t have the classic game HedBanz Game  but we took a queue from these DIY posts DIY Hedbanz at Instructables and DIY Hedbanz at Happily Blended and took a quick trip to the dollar store to pick up these snazzy headbands.

HeadBandz converted to Catholic Super Saints 2

My models were a little reluctant, but the game is super fun…even with these 15cent head bands!

HeadBandz converted to Catholic 1

From what I understand, the HedBanz Game begins with each player donning a plastic headband and without them seeing the identity of the character on the card, the card is tucked in place in the headband on their forehead. Each player asks yes or no questions about the identity of the character (on their forehead) and tries to guess exactly who (or what) they are.

HeadBandz converted to Catholic 3

With all the quick facts and awesome Kelly Saints illustrations on the Super Saints cards, HeadBands is yet another fun way to help kids learn about the Saints and foster their love and devotion for these heroes of the Catholic Faith! They’ll be able to identify the Saints…and identify with the Saints…in no time!

Sale sign

This isn’t the first time the Kelly Saints have been introduced to classic family games, converting them to be Catholic! Check out Kelly Saints Stamps! and remember… we currently have a Buy THREE, get $10 OFF Back to School Sale on our Cathletics Craft Kit Printables! Your support will help us get our new Super Saints decks in time for the World Meeting of Families! Thank you!
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