Super Saints Cards in PRINT!

Super Saints Pack One

They’re here! We released the Super Saints as a Craft Kit last week and we just received our first print of Pack One of the Super Saints Cards!  We’re so excited that our Parish has sponsored our first print, making the cards available for all of our VBS (Totus Tuus Toronto!) attendees this week!

The cards feature the Kelly Saints drawings by our own 16 year old Kelly…all watercolored and formatted with quick and comparable facts about each saint!

Super Saints packs

We have a very limited quantity of printed sets available.

We will also be releasing Pack Two and hopefully Pack Three throughout this summer…with the possibility of a full 52 card deck in time for the Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in September.


The Super Saints Pack One deck is currently SOLD OUT!

Make sure that you’re subscribed here at Equipping Catholic Families…to find out when our next PRINT RUN happens!

Super Saints Super Saints Pack One!

Learn about the Saints in a fun new way

Top Trumps style!

Super Saints 2015 b Square Cover

Would you like to print your own decks? Check out our Super Saints Pack One Cathletics Craft Kit! It comes with permission to copy up to 5 decks for your home or classroom!


All Saints

Here is how we’ve played with the Saints before:

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun and interesting way to learn about the Saints.
    I would love to have the full deck also.
    Thank you

  2. Love these! But would love the full deck. ❤️

  3. Love this idea. Would love to have the full deck in time for the start of school?!

    • Hi Carla! Glad you like them! I think that there’s a good chance that the full deck will be available across a couple craft kits soon (for people to print at home/Staples). I’m hoping to be able to print the full deck in time for the Meeting of Families in mid-September, but we may need a few little miracles to make that happen. =)

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