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cool 2b catholic jenga block

Yesterday, we released the newly expanded Tower Tumble with Jumbo templates in case you’re up to making your own JUMBO Jenga(R) set for your backyard or youth group!

The Jumbo Tower Tumble grows upwards from 27″ high and it’s made with quality 2×4’s…sanded, embellished with Catechism categories and answers and varnished for a no-splinter finish.



Tower Tumble Cathletics Craft Kit includes JUMBO Tower Templates!

56 Catechism Categories and Answers, already formatted for classic game and jumbo size game.

26 Page PDF Download: $10 Add to Cart


We decided to add a little more Catholic to it…by creating a logo for Cool 2B Catholic and including the template within the Tower Tumble Cathletics Craft Kit!

cool2bcatholic cutting templateWe printed the logo from the craft kit and laminated it with our very own  Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901)(wow, I love this thing!)

*yes, this is an affiliate link


We carefully cut out the black parts of the logo with our handy sharp craft knife and cutting mat. (they can’t take the architecture student out of the mom)

cool2bcatholic stampingWe used a sponge brush and acrylic paint and tested it out a couple times on colorful paper.

We quickly learned

  • to secure the template with tape to help keep it steady while stamping
  • to check the back of the template before each stamping to make sure it doesn’t have extra paint on it (and clean it if it does)
  • to use minimal paint on the sponge brush
  • to slowly and carefully remove the template from the stamped surface as the wet paint will spread
  • stamping closeup

We stamped some construction lumber, along with some colorful paper our nice printing company gave us. I think it would work well for fabric bags, event signage, tablecloths, wall art, wood signs, glass or mirror art…

cool 2 b catholic stamps

 … and T-shirts too!

Hey…remember our Cool 2B Catholic Crayon Batik project from a few years ago?


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