Summer Project! Communion of Saints Family Calendar

cover 2Looking for a fun family project this summer? How about collecting all your special family dates and recording them in this Saint-packed Perpetual Calendar! Once you fill in the key Birthdays, Sacrament dates and milestones for your immediate family (and even extended family!)…you can make color copies for Grandparents and Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Godparents!

Never forget a Birthday or Sacrament Anniversary again!


December 3The Communion of Saints Family Calendar!

It’s a Perpetual Calendar…so it can be used YEAR after YEAR!


The Communion of Saints Family Calendar features Saint Scripts Kelly Comics SAINTS!

Many of the Saints’ Feast Days are marked, along with Liturgical Season reminders and Monthly Devotions. There is also a full index of ALL the Feast Days of the Year included in this PDF download.



cover 2

The NEW Communion of Saints Family Calendar (PDF) is $15.

8.5″ x 11″ Calendar pages (1 set full color, 1 set B&W to be colored)

Includes full index of Feast Days for the whole year.

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