Sacrament Scrapbook: Confirmation Edition

Scrapbooking or journaling is a great way to document our kids’ journey through the Sacraments! Compiling documents, pictures and thoughtful notes into a special book is fun to do…and makes a great gift for the child. Keepsakes like this help to build our Catholic family culture, focusing on these monumental milestones in our Catholic Faith.

Bridget book 1

Sacrament Scrapbooks: First Communion Edition

Last year, I combined a few of our resources to Scrapbook the Sacraments, following my own Pinterest Prayer Book tutorial and creating the PrayerLoom Prayer Book craft kit . The craft kit includes a template of thoughtful prompts for friends and families to fill out, including their favorite prayers and Scripture and their thoughts and prayers for the First Communicant.

Bridget Communion book

I compiled the Sacrament Scrapbook into a store-bought 8″ scrapbooking album. The book can be easily extended and plastic sleeve pages can be added for Bridget in a couple years…to include her Confirmation Scrapbook!

Sacrament Scrapbooks: Confirmation Edition

With Joseph’s Confirmation last week…we have now followed three of our kids through the Confirmation Prep program.  Our Parish has made a few changes to offer an extensive 10 class program…and I was very impressed with all that the kids and volunteers learned with the Chosen DVD series from Ascension Press.

As part of Confirmation Prep at school…and in the footsteps of his two older sisters, Joseph completed his Confirmation Scrapbook. There were a number of requirements for this book and Joseph worked diligently to complete the reflections of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as articulating what he has learned about his Faith and what it means to him.

Sacrament Scrapbook Confirmation

I led him to use the same format as the Baptism Scrapbook his Godmother Grace made for him, so that we could eventually include both Sacrament Scrapbooks within one binding.

Confirmation Scrapbook Baptism

Confirmation Scrapbook Communion

The Scrapbook included details about his birth, baptism and early childhood years, First Reconciliation and First Communion.

Confirmation Scrapbook Holy Communion

The Scrapbook included his own reflections on his favorite prayers, worship song and Scripture.

Confirmation Scrapbook Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Joseph was asked to reflect on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how he seeks them and how they will help him in his life.

Confirmation Scrapbook teacher comments

Confirmation Scrapbook family

Joseph wrote about St. Francis and quoted words from St Francis and explained why he chose Francis as his Confirmation name.


A number of blank pages were included at the back of the Scrapbook to include

Krystiana Emily Joseph Fr Michael

Pictures from Joseph’s Confirmation last week

…as well as cards and prayers from family and friends.

Top 7 Things to Include in your Sacrament Scrapbook:

Confirmation Edition:

1. Dates and details of Baptism, First Reconciliation and First Communion

2. Favorite pictures of family and friends and special family and Faith events

3. Favorites!  Ask the Sacrament Candidate for

  • favorite prayer (and why?)
  • favorite Scripture (and why?)
  • favorite hymn or worship song (and why?)

4. Reflections and Thoughtful Prompts:

  • Define the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how/why I seek them, how they help me in my life, who in my life has these gifts and lives them out?
  • Define the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they help me I my life, who in my life lives out these Fruits of the Holy Spirit?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • When have I felt Jesus’ Presence or God’s Love for me? (Describe…)
  • Who has taught me about Jesus or what it is to be Christian?
  • Why do I want to be confirmed?
  • What are my best gifts and how can I use them to draw closer to Jesus?
  • Who do I look up to? (and why?)
  • What is my most heartfelt prayer?

accordianbookcommunioncraftkitFor already formatted templates of Thoughtful, Faith-filled Prompts and Sacrament-focused questions

…check out the Journey with Jesus Craft Kits!  Each of the three kits available include lots of prompts and clipart (and answers to Catechism based questions)!  Choose from Journey with Jesus

through Reconciliation and Holy Communion (includes first 3 Sacraments)

through Confirmation (includes first 4 Sacraments)

through All 7 Sacraments


5. Special thoughts, prayers and favorite Scripture from family and friends

(Easy to Email template included in Prayer Loom Prayer Book Craft Kit!

6. Holy Cards, Saint Scripts or Love Quote Cards or prayers and pics from my Pinterest Prayer Book Pinboard

7. Blank pages for Sacrament cards and pictures from the blessed event!


Would you like a special resource to help you with a special Sacrament Scrapbook?

Follow my Pinterest Prayer Book Pinboard to see my collection of online images and prayers…or start your own Prayer Book Pinboard for your own collection!


Prayer Loom Prayer Book Custom Sacrament Gift Craft Kit

$13 PDF with prayer cards, saint images and keepsake templates



  1. Ok, Monica~~ You’ve done it again……Pinning, saving, printing…..I so want to do this!! We have conf in less than 2 years now and I love this idea!!

    Love this idea and it’s right up his alley. I may be back to ask advice ins etting the scrapbook up……. Thank you for sharing!! I have to wrap my brain around this all and factor this into his religion curriculum over the summer when I’m planning!

    This is one boy who loves the Lord and cannot wait to receive conf.


    And thank you for the prayers and for being there for me. They are working….they are. God is good. And I have the best friends around.

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