5th Year Magic Party #5


In case you didn’t see it…this was the invitation for Adam’s big party!

Adam Magic Party

We have a little tradition in our family…each kid has had a special Magic Party for their 5th Birthday …

Grandpa and Adam2 …featuring Grandpa aka Sigurd the Wizard performing an awesome Magic Show with the birthday kid as an assistant!





We had great weather for our birthday party and spent most of the party outside in our backyard with our custom Photo Booth made from a fridge box, graciously donated by our local appliance store!

boys in a photobooth    The kids ran around, firing off this awesome Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launch System, blowing bubbles, playing in the sandbox, posing in the Photo Booth,  snacking… and acting goofy.

magic show 2

After some lunch, we all retreated inside for the grand Magic Show featuring Sigurd the Magician and Adam his assistant.


It was a wonderful magic show…very much appreciated by an engaging crowd!

magic show

We then returned outside for the Magic Box Tutorial! Sigurd the Wizard bent the Brotherhood of Magicians Magic Club rules by showing the kids how to make almost anything disappear in their new Magic (Loot) Boxes. See the DIY Magic Box Tutorial for your very own transformed dollarstore box!

magic box tutorial

Each kid went home with their very own Magic Box, silk, Magic Wand and Magic Hat filled with chocolate coins, sparkly sticker stars and a deck of cards.

loot boxes and hats It was a great party! Grandpa and Adam

…with thanks to our Official Magic Party Photographer Angela!

offical photographer

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