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Last year, I made this special PrayerLoom Prayer Book for Bridget as she celebrated her First Holy Communion.

I took the finished scrapbook to our Parish Women’s Group, showing them the Catholic Craft Kits, Books and Cards I create

…and a couple of Moms returned it to me, in tears!

Bridget book 1

I enjoy making meaningful, homemade gifts…especially when I think they will help immerse kids deeper in the Catholic Faith. As Catholics, we have a rich Tradition to pass along with many classic Catholic prayers…and awesome Saints to inspire and guide us.

I think our kids will be most excited to delve into their Faith when their closest family and friends share their treasured devotions and the Saints who inspire them.

Bridget First Communion Scrapbook

I created my own custom template and sent it to Bridget’s closest family and friends…before her big day.

Prayer Looms Craft Kit 2014templateI made this Prayer-Loom Prayer Book Printable for a Unique Holy Communion Gift you can MAKE!

Our awesome family and friends diligently returned the little template…or sent in their answers via email. I collected all of their responses and scrapbooked them into a Prayer Book filled with all of our favorite prayers and pictures of our favorite Saints.

I included Holy Communion cards (or copied parts of cards) that Bridget received, within the Prayer Book, to capture their spontaneous prayers and blessings in their own handwriting.

Craft Kit piecesA couple of our own Cathletics Craft Kits were very helpful to jumpstart the collection of prayers and images.

The All Season Prayer Bank offers 74 prayer cards within the templates and I printed them on colored paper.

The Saint Scripts Craft Kits (One and Two) have full color Kelly Saints illustrations for 42 Saints! Given that they are her sister’s drawings, I think Bridget enjoys them even more than some of the other images I collected.

I created a little tutorial to help you make your own Prayer-Loom Prayer Book and it includes suggested resources for prayercards and Saint images, along with a template to send out to your child’s closest family and friends, with the First Communion invitations.

This week, Joseph just completed his Confirmation Scrapbook for school…I suspect I’ll let Bridget add to this same book as she prepares for Confirmation in a few years!

The one page Prayer-Loom template to send out to your family and friends by email is also available to subscribers through a separate “Add to Cart” button over at the Subscriber link.

Do you enjoy Pinterest? Check out the Pinterest PrayerBook for another approach to making this awesome personalized book of prayers and inspiration.


Bridget Communion book

Follow my Pinterest Prayer Book Pinboard to see my collection of online images and prayers…or start your own Prayer Book Pinboard for your own collection!

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  1. Making a prayer book as a gift for someone’s first Holy Communion seems like such a good idea! My niece is getting ready to have her first Communion and the family is getting together to throw her a celebratory party. I will have to look into making this for her!

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