Ultimate Resource Guide for Little Painted (and Printable) Saints!

We’ve been building our collection of little Wooden Painted Saints…and we decided to make a Gallery of all the posts we’ve written about them…including a Tutorial with hints and tips to make them and ways to use them, play with them and stage and store them!

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The NUMBER ONE question at conferences we attend is…

do you SELL your little Painted Saints?

St Catherine St John St Joan St Gemma

Sorry! We don’t sell them…but this Tutorial offers tips to make them as easily as possible!


We also have the Decoupage Saints Tutorial converting Catholic Icing’s 3.5″ saints to our smaller 1.75″ size. All you have to do is paint the head, mod podge the body (printable) in place and add a layer of mod podge or glaze to seal it!

Catholic Painted Saint Doll Swaps are also getting really popular…here are some excellent posts about setting that up…either online or with your favorite group of Church or homeschooling Moms!

Wooden Saint Doll Exchange at Catholic Missionary Family

Catholic Peg Doll Swap at Story of a Rose

Saint Peg Doll Swap at Children of the Church

Saint Doll Exchange at Catholic Icing


Awesome pictures of final saints:

Peg Doll Saint Swap at Elisa Loves

Alphabet of Saints at Shower of Roses

Some handy tips from others:

Tips for Painting Peg Dolls at Ordinary Lovely (for beginners)

Egg Carton Passion Play Set

Don’t really want to paint them yourself?

These people will paint them for you!

Making Little Saints

Ceci’s Little Saints

Pray with the Saints on Etsy

St Miriam and Friends on Etsy

Catholic Folk Toys on Etsy

Under Angel Wings

Saint Anne’s Studio¬† on Etsy

St Luke’s Brush on Etsy


  1. Love these and am looking forward to diving in soon. I note that there are several “duplicate” entries on the guide where different pictures have the same links. Could you please check? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Michael for the comment…and for noticing that a couple links lead to the same post. Some of my posts include a couple ideas…so I couldn’t resist including the different pictures in case they entice my readers…particularly the “Playtime with the Saints”. I’m hoping the different playsets spark interest…we never know what toys families have in their closet. =)

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