Sacred Silence: Review

Sacred Silence

Sacred Silence: Daily Meditations for Lent

by Phyllis Zagano

This is a neat little book of reflections for each day of Lent. I began reading this book on Ash Wednesday. The first reflection describes the need for silence in prayer, because how else will we be questioned with questions we may not be able to answer, if we never stop talking!?

We need to listen for God’s Voice. If we are striving to give something up for Lent, we need to remember not to try it all alone but to ask for God’s help and direction.

The book is a compilation of reflections based on the lectionary readings for Lent “and shares a profound experience of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, giving you a moment of prayer and sacred stillness for every day of Lent.”

Jesus and the lady

Today’s reading reflecting on John 8:1-11 (where Jesus frees a woman caught in adultery from her accusers) reminds us of the power of our words…especially expressing our criticisms, judgments and opinions. Our words can easily hurt others and launch us into “a negative and unhappy mental swamp, one that is quite difficult to escape”.

The reflections are fairly short and easy to relate to…and each one finishes with a special Grace to pray for, for that day.

It’s not too late to step up your Lent with this great little book of daily meditations!  You can get your copy of Sacred Silence from the nice people at Franciscan Media (who graciously provided me with mine)…or if you’d like to get your copy in a hurry for these last days of Lent, you can get it auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle from Amazon: Sacred Silence: Daily Meditations for Lent (Amazon Affiliate link)


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