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catholic poker chips

Years ago, I made a Catholic craft out of some poker chips, a plastic picture frame and double-sided suction cups. We called it Plunk! with the Saints and posted a tutorial to make a Plunk! board.

Since then, our in-house artist (daughter) Kelly started drawing the Saints…and then the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross. We’ve released a number of Cathletics Craft Kits with all kinds of templates to customize board game pieces, cake topper decorations…and we’ve finally got them ready for poker chips!
Now, we keep coming up with new ways to use them! A little mod podge goes a long way!
painting poker chips
Kelly Saints Stamps square coverThe Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit already includes a number of different templates of the Kelly Saints illustrations and bios, formatted to fit various game pieces, activities and crafts! The 1.5″ templates are a perfect fit for poker chips…but here are 30 ways to use the kit!


 Kelly Saint Chips:

1. Use with your homemade Plunk! with the Saints board, manoeuvering the little Saint tokens to reach specific categories or prompt questions about their lives
2. Use as checkers or as other board game pieces…like Monopoly or Candyland
3. Play Saint Shuffle Board by sliding them on a smooth surface towards the Saint categories/questions (also included in this template)
4. Leave them face down and let everyone choose their new patron saint to research or ask for intercession
5.  Make 2 sets, coloring each pair of saints identically and use as a matching game
6. Attach magnets to the bottom of the poker chips and use them as markers on the fridge calendar. Print on letter size label paper for stickers for your family calendar; converting ANY calendar to a Liturgical Calendar of Saints Feast Days!
7. Match up with your favorite Saint pictures (on Holy Cards) pictures in a Saints Scrapbook or converted-2-Catholic Board Book.
8. Glue to chocolate coins for an All Saints Day party
9. Use as part of a relay/obstacle game at an All Saints Day party: each child grabs one Saint disk and must blurt out a fact about the Saint
10. Hot glue a paper clip or string to the back and hang on a Saint Tree
saint tree

 Honey, we shrunk the Cake Toppers

…to Poker Chips:

All Cake Topper Craft Kit templates can be reduced in size by printing at 60%…to fit a 1.5″ circle punch and adhere to standard poker chips!
These FOUR Cathletics Craft Kits all have Cake Topper Templates!


New! Stations of the Cross Craft Kit with Kelly Saints!

PDF Printable: $10 Add to Cart

Mysteries-cover-500px54ef833a1064a.pngMysteries of the Rosary with Kelly Saints*

PDF download: $13 Add to Cart

*includes fully illustrated NEW Revolving Rosary!


Love Like a Saint Love Quote Cards

Love Like A Saint Love Quote Cards Craft Kit

PDF Download: $5 Add to Cart

48 different cards with Kelly Saints images and the accompanying Love Quotes from each Saint.



PDF Download: $15  Add to Cart

This kit has the 96 family friendly and Christian conversation prompts,  42 SAINTS promptsand 42 SACRAMENT prompts and SACRAMENT CELEBRATION TOPPERS


mysteries tree

Mysteries, Conversation Pieces, Love Quote Notes:

1. Make 2 sets, selecting each identical pair in a matching game

2. Attach magnets to the bottom of the poker chips and use them as markers on the fridge calendar.

3. Use as Virtue Currency, exchanging Catholic coins for good deeds and chores well done!
4. Countdown Calendar treats,
5. Easter Egg fillers
6. lunch bag surprises
7. Feast Day Decorations
8. The same templates can be mod podged to the underside of glass pebbles for game pieces or magnets, Easter egg fillers and lunch bag surprises!
9. Mysteries of the Rosary tree: Don’t you love this tree made by a local craftsman and commissioned by our Parish Women’s Group? Endless possibilities! Jesse Tree, Jesus Tree, Mysteries of the Rosary tree, Stations/Lenten Tree, Countdown tree… All of our templates can be laminated into durable little ornaments and fastened with a glued or taped-on paper clip!
Stations of the Cross coins 2
Stations, Mysteries of the Rosary
  1. Prayer counters during Stations of the Cross or Rosary
  2. Lenten Good Deed Counters in a Jar
  3. Hot glue a paper clip or string to the back and hang on a Lenten Tree
  4. Prayer Tokens: hide them around the house and pray the Station or the decade as you find it
  5. Pocket Prayer: keep in your pocket to remind you to pray on a specific Station of the Cross or Mystery of the Rosary
  6. Print on letter size label paper for stickers for your family calendar; converting ANY calendar to a Liturgical Calendar!
Lent Tree

All of our Cake Topper templates can be reduced to poker chip size…and our Kelly Saints Stamps craft kit already includes the 1.5″ templates!

catholic coins rgb
Check out our Catholic Cake Toppers crafts!

Have any ideas to add? What would YOU do with the templates from these kits?

Leave a comment and mention the kit you would use:

BEST IDEA or COMMENT for each craft kit mentioned in this post…WINS the PDF download of the Kit!

Leave a comment as soon as possible. Make sure that you submit your email address with your comment to receive your craft kit by March 9, 2015!

If you have ideas for more than one…leave a comment for each: you could win it!

I hope YOU win. =)


  1. Tammy Cordery says:

    I think I would put all the cake topper poker chips in a draw string bag and ask each child to reach in the bag and pull out one of the chips and say the love quote or the conversation toppers. The child that guesses the saint that said it. They get a prize.

  2. Monica your creativity and ambition astound me!!

    I so love this!

  3. For either the Stations or the Mysteries, I would put one each in a plastic egg and whomever found the most Stations and/or Mysteries would win a Holy Card/Rosary/coupon for a 1:1 outing with Mom to a local shrine etc. This might work best with a smaller number of children, or so it seems!

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