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As mentioned earlier, I’ve been laminating Cathletics Craft Kits with this cool Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901)*. The laminated templates are bright, durable and SHINY…and perfect for displays of our craft kits at Catholic conferences, and for Adam-ready use in our house year after year!

Did you know that the All Season Prayer Bank is a Cathletics Craft Kit made up of 25 pages with 78 individual prayers along with some open formatted cards to create your own? Throughout the Liturgical Seasons, we have released a number of other prayer-based craft kits, gradually adding Kelly Saints illustrated cards of classic prayers to our Prayer Bank collection.

Check out the

  • Onesies Print Pack (free for subscribers),
  • Reconciliation Prep ($3),
  • Advent Prayer Pockets  ($5) includes Kelly Saints-illustrated Anima Christi, Memorare and Daily Offering

You might also want to add the picture prayer cards from the Stations of the Cross and the Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kits for the kids who can’t read yet!

Prayer Bank Accordian folder

The All Season Prayer Bank includes an infinite Accordion folder template (with lots of clipart!) but when you start laminating the prayer cards you may want to switch to a dollar store box for the full collection. Here’s what ours looks like!

All Season Prayer Bank plus

The All Season Prayer Bank   already includes Days of the Week Prayers for Lent…along with templates for you to add your own family prayers!

This Cathletics Craft Kit offers instructions for a unique hand-made prayer bank to hold a collection of classic Catholic Prayers and Saint devotions.
It features a cool envelope template, lots of clipart, 78 special prayers with graphics, along with over 25 prayer card templates for you to add your own prayers, composed at home, school or Church! The little heartfelt prayers that our kids come up with are the best…and will be cherished for years to come!
All Season Prayer Bank
Cathletics Craft Kit

Monica McConkey (Author)
PDF Download: $13 U.S.
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Product Details
  • 1 color cover, 6 pages instructions and clipart, 1 full page envelope template,
  • 17 pages prayer cards and Do-It-Yourself prayer card templates,
  • Permission to photocopy for single household or single classroom use.
  • Publisher: Arma Dei (2013)
  • Language: English


*This Amazon Affiliate for the Laminator is strategically placed in this post in case you have as many excuses to own one as I do. The literally dozens of cents I may earn from your purchase through this link will support my laminating habit help me to afford the little laminating pouches used to make these crafts more durable, re-useable and fun! Stay tuned for more laminated craft kits!

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