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Last year, I wrote this post: 40 Ways for 40 Days.

Passion Play Painted Saints


I will likely post a Lent Gallery of Activities this year which will include a few ideas I posted last year including the Peg People Passion Play

stations of the cross carousel 2015and our NEW Stations of the Cross Carousel with the Kelly Saints.




This year, I plan to continue to read the awesome Blessed Is She Devotions each morning, adding a personal message from Matthew Kelly to make this the Best Lent Ever. You can sign up for this too at Dynamic Catholic.

Fr. Barron is offering his Lenten Reflections again this year and I’m sure they will be as awesome as always.


I have a NEW Cathletics Craft Kit coming out on the Mysteries of the Rosary with the Kelly Saints and I think it might offer just the thing to keep Adam’s attention for at least one decade a day before dinner. I think we might include Dianna’s Printable Rosary Cards for kids (The Kennedy Adventures) because they offer short and sweet reflections for each Mystery of the Rosary.


If I can take it one step further…at least with my eager 8 year old, we may set up our Scripture Memory System for Catholics by Catholic Icing. Lacy also has a printable of Scripture Memory Cards from the Psalms. I have always wanted to memorize a few key Bible verses, and I realize that it’s harder now to retain info for me than a teenager working at the bank. I had an awesome art teacher who drilled us on art history, making us memorize artists, painting names, dates and artistic periods…so much that I started automatically memorizing account numbers at the bank where I was working, filling out customers’ paper slips before they reached the counter. That would freak them out a little.

Anyway, although Catholic Icing’s starter sets of Scripture cards are awesome…I’ve been wanting to memorize particular passages that are not included in her sets. I went to Bible Gateway and checked out the 100 most-read Bible Verses and easily found my favorite 10. More on that coming soon!

laminated lent printables


Most of us have treasured Christmas decorations we stow away for 11 months of the year… why can’t we have a tub of Lent Heirlooms that we make once and pull out year after year to enhance our Lenten journey?

Now that I have my own Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901)*, I’m laminating like a madwoman! Laminating templates from our Cathletics Craft Kits make them durable for display at conferences…and for USE year after year!

The Advent & Lent Quest paper chain link templates can be laminated and then cut once and for all into the links. Each link can be fastened with a paper clip and used year after year. And you know, there are THREE different paper chain sets included in this kit: Catechism, Prayer Challenges and Saints!

The Stations of the Cross templates look great laminated and can be assembled into little booklets or cards on a ring! Individual cards can be strategically placed around the house to remind us to pray and get us walking around the house as we say the Stations of the Cross!

The All Seasons Prayer Bank including special LENT prayers can be laminated and cut into the little prayer cards. The Reconciliation Prep Printable can also be laminated for special cards for preparation or a refresher for Reconciliation.

Watch for upcoming posts showcasing new and exciting ways to use laminated Cathletics Craft Kits!

Even without a laminator, there is no reason we can’t create our Lenten Crafts ONCE and store them away in a nice tub to keep them safe and accessible for next year. See

  • Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life,
  • Crown of Thorns (this may not ‘keep’ very well…I’ve already been told that this crown looks like blood sausage with onion rings wrapped around it…might be time for a new one),
  • Peg People Passion Play,
  • Painted Saint Passion Play,
  • Weight of the Cross
  • Heart Cross Banner
  • Stations of the Cross Carousel


There are tons of ideas to enhance your Lent! Check out these lists of resources and practices:

Your Handy Dandy List to Lenten Sacrifices from Catholic Sistas

Simple Lenten Traditions for Catholic Families from Catholic Icing

40 Ways for 40 Days from Equipping Catholic Families


*yes, this is an Amazon affiliate link. Thank you for making your Amazon purchases through this link…the literally dozens of cents will be used to buy more laminator pouches to accommodate my new laminating habit help me showcase new and exciting ways to use our Cathletics Craft Kits

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