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Two of our recent Cathletics Craft Kits have included Cake Topper Templates: 2.5″ circle templates presenting the Stations of the Cross and the Mysteries of the Rosary  with the Kelly Saints.

Here are 7 Ways you can use the Cake Topper Templates!

1.  Laminate ’em! The templates can be circle punched or cut into square cards. I found that the laminated templates were just a little too thick for my circle punches so I have opted to only circle punch paper prints of the templates.

Laminated sets are nice and durable though and make great matching game cards, quick flip books on a metal ring, holy bookmarks and custom holy cards!

clinking cake toppers rgb

2. Clink ’em!  The 2.5″ circle templates fit perfectly in the lids of frozen juice containers! I’ve managed to get even my husband to put these little disks aside …and we have collected quite a few with all our juice drinkers in the family.

I use my circle punch to make the perfect little circles, I lay off the laminator (see #1) and I apply a thin layer of mod podge to the lipped side of the juice lid. I place the punched circle on top, smushing it into the mod podge and add a thin coat of mod podge on top.

This thin glaze adds some shine and durability…and becomes easily-wipe-able in case you are actually using them as cake toppers! (You could probably lick the icing right off them…just not sure if mod podge passes all safe tests.)

mysteries of the rosary living rosary3. Decorate with ’em! Mod-podged into juice lids, these become durable little decorations to keep on hand throughout the Liturgical Calendar and spruce up the dinner table.  With a pipe cleaner loop hot-glued to the back, the Stations of the Cross could also be placed around the house as great little reminders to pray.

4. Magnetize ’em! Plunk a magnet on the back of either the laminated pieces or the frozen juice lid clinkers for Liturgical Calendar focused magnets for the fridge or the fridge calendar!

5. Pray with ’em! Print out 10 sets of the Mysteries of the Rosary Cake Topper Templates and kids can each hold one as they say the Hail Mary for any of the 20 decades of the Rosary! Great for a parish or school Living Rosary!


laminated mysteries on a pipe cleaner

6. Pray with ’em! Hole punch the laminated set and string them on a pipe cleaner. Print out 10 sets and you will have a counting card for each of the 10 Hail Marys for each of the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary! We actually reduced the set of Mysteries of the Rosary Cake Toppers for the set above.

We’ve got a couple other projects with this size template in the works…stay tuned!

7. Stick ’em! If you have the templates printed on sticky-back paper, they become great stickers for fridge calendars, greeting cards and penpal letters or prayer charts (keep track of each decade prayed for a loved one). Reduce the templates (print at 60%) for coin sized stickers.

These FOUR Cathletics Craft Kits have something in common: they all have Cake Topper Templates!

Buy all FOUR and get $10 off! Scroll down for code!

New! Stations of the Cross Craft Kit with Kelly Saints! Stations

Available only as a PDF Printable: $10

Now includes FOUR sets of templates:

  • 3.75″x5″ full color
  • 3.75″x5″ B&W
  • 2.5″ round full color “Cake Topper Templates”
  • 2″ square full color “Votive Candle Templates”

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Please note: If you have purchased the original Stations of the Cross with Kelly Saints PDF before February 13, 2015 your PDF does not include the 2 additional templates.  You will receive a link to a FREE upgrade which includes the 2 additional templates: go check your inbox for an email from Arma Dei!


Mysteries of the Rosary with Kelly Saints*Mysteries-cover-500px54ef833a1064a.png

*includes fully illustrated NEW Revolving Rosary!

34 pages of templates in color and B&W, along with instructions and suggestions for use.

Available as a PDF download: $13

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…Looking for more Catholic Cake Toppers?!…

Catholic Conversation Pieces


Conversation Pieces: Catholic Edition

Available as PDF Download: $15

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This kit has the 96 family friendly and Christian conversation prompts (including a template with illustrations to add your own prompts).

The Catholic Conversation Pieces ALSO includes 42 SAINTS prompts, with a fact about the saint and a question for further conversation and 42 SACRAMENT prompts and SACRAMENT CELEBRATION TOPPERS, to get us talking about these grace-packed Sacraments and how blessed we are to have them!

Love Like a Saint Love Quote Cards

Love Like A Saint Valentine Cards Craft Kit

(available as a PDF only) $5

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This Craft Kit includes 48 different cards with Kelly Saints images and the accompanying Love Quotes from each Saint. These are SO cute and appealing to kids (and adults too!). Why not encourage our kids to look to SAINTS as their heroes and role models!?


 ..that’s 264 possible Cake Toppers!

Start saving those frozen juice lids!

Buy all FOUR and get $10 off! Use code: caketoppers


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