Advent & Lent Quest: Laminated and Re-useable!

A&L links 2As mentioned earlier, I’ve been laminating Cathletics Craft Kits with this cool Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901)*. The laminated templates are bright, durable and SHINY…and perfect for displays of our craft kits at Catholic conferences, and for Adam-ready use in our house year after year!

I started with the Advent & Lent Quest Craft Kit which now includes THREE separate paper chains of about 48 links each. This kit works for every possible Liturgical Season or Feast Day countdown including Advent and Lent, but also in anticipation of favorite Feast Days; not only Christmas and Easter but for any family patron saint!
The Advent & Lent Quest Craft Kit now includes complete paper chains with these themes:

  • Saints
  • Year of Faith Catechism
  • Prayer Challenges

The kit can be used by building or taking apart the paper chain, one link per day throughout the countdown to a particular Feast Day. The fact or challenge is read and every attempt is made to memorize that fact or take on the challenge or activity for that day.

A&L chain

The great feature of laminating the links is that the durable paper chain can be assembled with paperclips and taken apart (and flattened) for easy storage.

The long colorful chain, becomes a wonderful decoration to celebrate the much anticipated Feast Day!

The Advent & Lent Quest is a 26 page craft kit printed in black and white on colored paper stock for ready-to-use links! You can purchase it right here, if you want to!

A&L 3in1Advent & Lent Quest

26 pages

3 paper chains: Saints, Catechism, Prayer Challenges

PDF Download $13


*This Amazon Affiliate for the Laminator is strategically placed in this post in case you have as many excuses to own one as I do. The literally dozens of cents I may earn from your purchase through this link will  support my laminating habit help me to afford the little laminating pouches used to make these crafts more durable, re-useable and fun! Stay tuned for more laminated craft kits!

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