7 Things I’ve Tried to Boost Prayer

Prayer Stamps

1. I actually had these Prayer Journal Stamps made after my post here: My Latest Prayer Gimmick. It was pretty easy, once I found the Rubber Stamp company that would ship to Canada! If you are motivated by To Do Lists and Checklists…this is a quick and easy way to transform a blank notebook from the dollar store into a personalized Prayer Journal!


dotella Prayer Jar Catholic

2. The DoTella Prayer Jar was an idea lent to me by my friend Teresa. She assures me it’s a great way to get kids praying, talking about prayer and even sharing what they pray about!



3. These Prayer Boards are easy craft projects for display in the kitchen offering a quick and accessible reminder board for the current prayer intentions.


all season prayer bank
4. The All Season Prayer Bank is our tried and tested Prayer Resource Craft Kit that has been expanded to hold 73 custom prayer templates (plus blank starter prayer cards) and a neat Envelope Accordion Folder to hold and display them on your kitchen table or wall for easy access! Build your family’s repertoire of prayers with classic Catholic prayers, some new ones and some inspiration to make up your family’s own!


5. The Pinterest Prayerbook is my way of compiling all the awesome prayers and artwork I have pinned on my Prayer Book Pinboard on Pinterest!

PrayerLoom Prayer Book in progress

5(b). An extension of the Pinterest PrayerBook …is the PrayerLoom Prayer Book! We made this as a special gift for Bridget when she made her First Holy Communion last year. We even made a little template to send out to family and friends to add their favorite prayers to the book!

Email Subscribers to Equipping Catholic Families have automatic access to this FREE Printable (plus the friends and family template!) within every email they receive of our posts! (It’s on the same page as the Free Cathletics Craft Kit Sampler…so be sure to click on the link!) You can subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families here

Adam and the votives

6. Praying Out Loud is not exactly on the list of easy things to try…for me anyway, but I have found that this  is one of the most monumental ways to explode my prayer life, especially when it’s spontaneous prayer from the heart. It bugs me that I still shy away from most opportunities to do this in front of others…but I do practice during spiritual direction …and when I’m alone.

I think these times of prayer are the moments I feel most closely connected to Jesus and have definitely added some spark to my prayer life.


7. And also…published on my tiny blog is the Prompt Me To Pray Prayer. I’ve always marvelled at the beautiful, prayerful existence of Brother Lawrence as expressed in Br Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God, but I’ve been frustrated by my inability to keep that kind of focus throughout the chaos that is my life with kids. Heck, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to keep that kind of focus even without Adam my kids. This is a prayer I wrote after a little light bulb went off during prayertime.

Jesus, I trust in You.  You want me to draw closer to You, praying more, engaging more, asking for help instead of struggling on my own.  Please remind me to call out to You and look to Mother Mary as my model.  Please prompt me, remind me and guide me.
Jesus, be my strength, I trust in You.

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